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Introduction to Balmung (LF RP Contacts)

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Greetings Hydaelyn Roleplayers!


I'm new to Balmung (as of last night's successful transfer) and relatively new to FF XIV (playing about six months), but I am not new to RP (15+yrs experience). I'm interested in making contacts and finally getting my feet wet. I'm also looking for a few knowledgeable people that might be able to guide me into the Eorzean immersion, generally answer questions so that the stories I craft makes sense. And yes, eventually, it might be nice to find a place to belong.


Currently, I have two characters I'm looking to roleplay (a possible third, if all goes well):



Sephora Sirenas - a free-spirited Hyur artist/merchant, primarily belonging to Limsa Lominsa, eager to travel and explore the world.


Keimo Sorata - a taciturn Doman refugee, determined to become a competent protector of the oppressed, constantly wandering the world in hopes of reuniting with his sister.


That's all I've got for detail right now. Thank you for reading this and I hope to meet you soon. ;)

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Hiya! I'm pretty active on Balmung and would be happy to do some RP!


Enambris is a free-paladin who offers a lot of protection services to the refugees and the poor being harassed or threatened, but would definitely be down to take someone under her wing if you're looking to move that direction.


Feel free to reach out to me here or in-game!

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