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That's about right. I'll go into a bit more detail, but I'll avoid outright spoilers at first just in case.


If I remember the cutscene right, it was developed about a thousand years or so by an Au Ra clan. Later, one of their descendants (or multiple, possibly) started working to summon it again with the Codex. They succeeded, but the Primal went out of control - killing most of the summoning party - until it was sealed behind that barrier that you see in game.


The summoning method was then taught to the Gobbies due to one of the survivors telling them how to. The Codex exploded in the last summoning, so the fragments need to be gathered - not to summon Alexander himself - but for spoilerish reasons I'll go into in a bit.


That's about all we know thus far, in a non-spoilery sense. With spoilers...




Mide is both the "only" survivor of the summoning and the one who taught the method to the Illuminati. She has actually being working with them for a while. The reason for doing it is because when Alexander was summoned, it absorbed the team's leader into its core. Mide is in love with said leader and merely wished to see him again - though she has now since given up on it.


The Codex is required not to summon Alex, but to control it. It along with someone who can access it. Mide used to, but no longer can. Roundrox somehow can and is kidnapped for that purpose. Mide retains the final fragment until its lost trying to escape from the second arm's core, before falling into Illuminati hands.


That's when the biggest reveal is given - the Illuminati were able to do so much because with Alex they can literally see into the future. That's what the leader keeps gabbing about. He knows what will happen because they are using Alex to see future events. And with the Codex and complete control, they now have a higher accuracy of reading the future and can actually turn back time. Which they are currently using to undo the destruction of the previous two cores.




So yeah. We know some more details now from the Midas arm, and very little of it is good.

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