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Future Sighting [Open RP]

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[align=center]"The future before us is never set in stone. What choices we make can and will alter the path we head on. There are an infinite amount of possible outcomes, and yet even the simplest actions can completely alter your world. And while I can see into the future briefly...I cannot confirm nor deny if and when that vision is and can be true. For the future CAN be changed, WILL be changed and MUST be changed." - Quint[/align]



[align=left]Much of Ul'dah's traffic around the Quicksand comes and goes while also relaxing and getting a nice cold drink on the side. However on this day, a special sight was to behold for everyone. An Au Ra woman with dark features yet wearing a red dress as she was accompanied by a Carbuncle. They occupied one of the tables placed more in the center of the Quicksand, allowing her to set up her little tools. Four of her Augmentations were placed at each direction of North, South, East, and West relevant to Hydaelyn. These crystals floated above the table at the points as she took her position at one end. The Carbuncle hopped on the table and strangely enough he spoke.


"My dear friend here is offering free glimpses into the future! These are just visions and hints as to what one may encounter in your life, so take them with the tiniest grain of salt you can! See what the future can hold for you if you chose to wear the blue dress instead of the red one! See the possible outcome of skipping a night of drinking with friends and instead making an honest living! Give it a try and see!"[/align]


[align=left]He promoted the little event for fun. From there he would take his position near the Au Ra and waited.


"Cobalon, you do know my visions are as accurate as firing an arrow at a fly?" she brought it up to the Carbuncle beside her.[/align]


[align=left]"No need to worry, Quint. It's all in the name of fun! So long as no one takes your visions of the future serious..."


So they waited, looking around and wondering who would approach?[/align]

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An absent, but cheery hum was on the young miq'ote's lips as she leaned against the levemete's counter to look at the current job cards placed before her. Her thoughts weren't really on deciding on what to choose - none of them seemed very appealing. An opo-opo extermination leve? Not interesting.


But there was a matter of a lack of coin and she was in dire need of mending before her next treasure map quest. The last map she picked up yielded very little treasures to sell, but this time she dumped her last hundred gil from an adventurer who swore up and down that this was legit, money back guaranteed.


There was a catch. The chest wouldn't reveal itself until the next full moon... which meant she should either do it tonight or wait until next month. A clean up job to mend... or the map and risk fighting epic monsters in her small clothes?


Kali's tail swished to and fro with annoyance. Being an adult sucked royally. Being poor was just as worse.


A vocal advertisement from behind caused her dark ears to perk up. That was it! Azeyma has bestowed upon her an answer! Divine fortunetelling could help her out with this! But just as she turned, she jumped back in surprise.


"Eh? Carbuncle?! Talk?!" Well strike her down, roll her in dirt, and call her a coblyn! Anyone who can make a carbuncle talk ought to be well-versed in magic! Plus, it was free!


Kali immediately swooped in like a malnourished buzzard and slammed her palms down on the table.


"Me! Pick me! I'm first!" she shouted happily. There were floating crystals on the table - it had to be legit! "O' person of future seeing magic! I have a conundrum of great importance! Can you read my mind, or should I explain in detail so the stars can nod in understanding?!"

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"Oh I always take delight in some fortune telling on these days." Sacred Ash noticed as this fortune telling post seemed to just kind of appear.  With a meat kebab in hand he went to go check it out.  He didn't mind waiting in line as listening to the energetic M'iqote was also worth the price of admission.  Couldn't shake the feeling there was something eerie about it, but ah well it was snack time.

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Normally, the miqo'te mage known as L'yhta kept her visits to Ul'dah extremely short. Between the gil the Ossuary charged for use of their library, the "dancing girls," and the ever-present annoyance of the Brass Blades, she usually arrived in the night, did whatever research her work required, and left as quick as she came. Today, however, she found herself a bit parched -- Twelve curse me for forgetting a waterskin -- and, as such, ended up in the only tavern she found particularly safe in Ul'dah, the Quicksand. At least the Guild charged fair prices for a drink, and all those adventurers made it one of the most dangerous places in all of Eorzea to pick a fight (or rob someone).


The heels of her thighboots clacked against the stone as she pushed the door open. Her ears immediately shot up along with the tip of her tail when her gaze landed on the talking carbuncle. She squirmed past a pair of chatty highlanders on a direct path to the au ra and her "pet," her black and silver-trimmed robes swishing softly. A line, she grumbled to herself as she arrived at the table and crossed her arms over her chest. That drink's going to have to wait.

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Cobalon set his sights upon Kali with her loud tone. "Sure sure! come on down." Cobalon announced, noticing the small crowd. The very uppity girl seemed rather well versed with such antics as she sat before Quint on the opposing side of the table. With a very straight and narrowed face, Quint explained her deal.


"To begin, I would like to know of your name. Then if you so wish, tell me what you would like to know. Do take heed, as whatever you see in the visions I will show you are only a possibility. For our future is never accurate and the event you witness can never happen...but it can as well." her method of explaining this seemed very intellectual but also confusing to most not even remotely familiar with how time works.


Cobalon on the other hand took his time to try and gather more waiting bystanders. With a loud mouth he proclaimed "That's right! These are not merely readings in the future but ACTUAL glimpses! No trickery here! No jokes or mirrors! All done with four Augmentated crystals and the owner's will to see! Come and see!"


Quint would begin with guiding the crystals with her finger acting like a conductor's baton. They swirled around before positioning the points in a diamond like formation between them. "So please, tell me what you wish to see and then stick your hand through the portal I will create...when I tell you to pull out, do so without hesitation."

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Kali's button nose wrinkled at the explanation. "So... you can't say for certain if it's gonna pass?" Her father mentioned this kind of thing to her at one point. Charlatans and gil-desperate magicians often used 'cold readings' or guesswork games to dupe the customer. While she couldn't say for certain if her father's warnings rang true in this instance, suffice to say, she had yet to see any icy books about to tip her off. 


But seven hells, the carbuncle said it was free. What charlatan would offer their services without a price attached? Kali slumped forward, unawares of a line behind her, and introduced herself with aplomb. "Makara Kali - the best treasure hunter/person beater-upper this side of Eorzea! I've come with a plight wrought with desperation!"


Without preamble, she smacked the rolled up map down the table, careful of the crystal floaters. "This map yields untold treasure, but alas, I've no coin at the moment to re-thread my clothes or saddle my chocobo! That requires a leve on the side see, but this map is on borrowed time." She placed the stained glass card beside the map. "So did I take the job and await the next lunar cycle, or did I risk faring against monsters in my bloomers so the next adventuring sod doesn't get my booty?!"


Kali waited expectantly for the portal to open up to plunge her hand into it.

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Quint listened to her explanation. Unphased by how excited she was about a map and treasure. But the options she listed were something to go by. Unlike reading cards or palms, Quint used another method of reading. 


"Well considering the second option seems dangerous, here is one such possibility if you were to go now and be there first." Quint told her calmly, causing the four points to spin around in a circle before halting and keeping their formation. A portal big enough to stick a hand in appeared before them. "Now I ask that you will place your hand inside. It can be as much as a finger or your whole arm...and when I say pull out...please, pull out." she focused her task on keeping it open. It would allow something to enter but it would not pass through to the other side. Supposedly as if reaching out into the future to find answers...and for a moment it would surge within her mind, For Kali to only see.



The images came before Kali. It was from her point of view. The location on the map was even easier to determine where the treasure was. she stood above and started digging, her hands looking worn out as if been in a battle with something earlier. The Vision also showed an odd box. Not a traditional treasure box but rather a run of the mill container with a broken lock. Opening it, she could see for but a second her prize before it fizzled out...was it an old antique? Actual gold? A priceless gem? It's impossible to say. However it seemed as if the danger of this trip was not at the end but rather the journey to it. And she was thankfully the first to arrive.



Quint kept this portal going for a little while until she announced it. "Pull your hand out now! That's all I can show!" and when she would, the portal would collapse before them. returning the crystals to the table. "Now...if you wish to tell me what you saw by going alone, you are free to. Otherwise do take the possible choice that the future you took with a grain of salt."


Cobalon smiled and hopped on the table. "AND if you want to know what the other option would bring, that will be a thousand Gil!" to which Quint picked Cobalon up by the neck and placed him back down. "Please Ignore Cobalon. I have no intention on making Gil. I would love to also show you the possibility of what may and can happen if you take the job and bide your time for the map."


To onlookers, it was less exciting than flipping cards or the reaction of the reader but it was far more plausible outcomes rather than false estimations.

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L'yhta shot a glare of ice at a nearby lalafell, perched on a table, bottle in hand, and with cheeks of bright red, who snickered in response to, "when I say pull out...please, pull out." As the lalafell snapped his mouth shut, the miqo'te mage muttered something probably obscene under her breath and turned back to watch the show. Her slit eyes defocused as she peered with her mind's eye, paying more attention to the patterns and flow of aether than the actual movements and people.


What a curious praxis, she thought to herself.

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The problem with having a unique weapon is having to find similarly unique tools in order to maintain its upkeep.


The dazzlingly dark blade of the immense katana-style weapon strapped across Steel's back felt more burdensome this day than before. The weapon - Swarsygg, she named it - had been appraised as Thavnairian in origin. The materials that were outlined in its make sounded less like a sword and more like the ingredients in a potion. As such, it needed some very unique item to be used as a whetstone.


So that brought the Roegadyn to Ul'dah. No other place she knew would have the sort of whetstone she required to keep the weapon's edge. So far, the search had ended up with several merchants making her an offer on the weapon and one Highlander attempting and failing miserably to steal the sword.


She needed a break. And, much as she despised the place, the Quicksand was the best place for it.


Upon entering the oasis, a sight surprised even her. A woman was sitting at a table with four crystals floating around her. A small line was forming behind a very eager-looking miqo'te. Nearby was a Carbuncle that...spoke??


Ul'dah was nothing if not random.


Steel decided to watch...for now. Her gauntleted arms folded over her breastplate, a small smirk playing over her lips. She had missed the call to interest, catching only the command to "come and see"...but it was definitely curious.

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The moment she shot her hand eagerly into the portal, did a vision reveal itself to her. Golden eyes widened and her already large pupils grew even more as an aetheric vision came to her.


The Quicksand melted away and she found herself so far off usual merchant trail through the Sagolii, she was worried that she was lost in the endless black desert with only the full moon to light her way. She was on her knees and desperate to fumble at the broken lock with singed fingers and the smell of ash in the air.


She definitely struggled with something to get here. So tiring and painful! Was it worth it, though?!


The image was so fast, she couldn't discern, but she didn't need to. Her had instinctively jutted out and grabbed the item before the vision turned hazy.

She jolted backwards at the warning and fell on her arse, but her eyes glittered with excitement as the metallurgic composition rang in her ears.


"GREY AURACITE! A grinding stone of yore! And a pure one to boot!" It would probably make sense why one would at a glance brush it off as just a plain grey stone, but she knew her Sil'dih history. Until she could bring it to a goldsmith to confirm its purity, she could dream of the gil it could bring - if not pay her rent at her free company to boot for many fortnights!


"Oh-ho-ho! I don't need to see a vision of me shoveling chocobo dung! I'm heading out and receiving thy loot which awaits me! Mending be damned to the seven hells!" Kali tossed the leve aside and swaddled the map like a newborn babe.

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Sometimes in a man's life he sees things that are strange, but they simply stop registering as such. The view from the bar was one such thing that Warren Castille was accustomed to; The oddness of floating crystals and a talking carbuncle were things that should have caused him to raise an eyebrow, yet the highlander found nothing to raise.


Warren knew just enough to keep himself out of the way. It wasn't that he doubted Quint's abilities, he just didn't want to command more of the young woman's time than he'd borrowed from her during the outings at the Wash. Sipping a cool drink he couldn't help but watch the enthusiasm of the miqo'te as she exclaimed bits and pieces of her glimpse at what might be.


"Grinding stones, eh?" He didn't comment terribly loud or to anyone in particular, but he did recognize the girl and all her candor as someone he'd seen around those parts before.

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Woe be to anyone for her to elaborate on ores and lore. Ears pricking up at Warren's comment, Kali beamed and waved at him with her map. She remembered him from the Grindstone! "The grindiest of grindy stones! Purity through its weightlessness!" she chirped, the glint in her eyes betraying pure enthusiasm. "Grey auracite was a popular whetstone back when Sil'dih wasn't a big pile of ew. The mineral is said to make Sil'dih weaponry so sharp and light, a simple copper hatchet could cleave through steel! They hoarded it deep in secret vaults unknown to prevent Ul'dahn invaders from acquiring them."


"And thanks to that, all the grey auracite mines around the Sil'dih ruins have been mined to nothing! So there's a giant market for them, especially from the Coliseum. They say the betting odds go through the roof for any fighter with a blade honed by a stone of air." She tapped her chin thoughtfully. "Oh, and it makes for a scrumptious stone soup. Just saying."

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Warren saluted the miqo'te with a raise of his glass in response to the wave. His expression was a mixture of shared joy and amusement. It would be too soon if he had imagery of auracite brought to his head. He didn't want to second-guess Quint's ability.


"I've heard stories of the stuff. Never managed to lay hands on it myself, but the legends keep being whispered and sometimes yelled." The truth of it was that Warren had heard plenty of folks claim to have worked with the material, but the results tended to be less than expected. "If you do find some, I'd keep it quiet. Just in case, you know."


He looked thoughtful for a moment, then declined comment further beyond a small smile.

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Kali nodded in agreement. "Aye, and there's a lot of loudness about the authenticity of its legend. Any ol' skimmer can take any old stone and claim it's a stone of air, but I've got an ace up my sleeve! I can tell if I'm being scammed when it comes to ores!" She had the privilege of seeing an actual grey auracite stone from a private collection many summers ago. It was barely the size of a pebble, but she had memorized the smell, touch, and even taste of the thing.


And the one in her vision was at least the size of her palm. Nay, that adventurer really gave it to her this time - no doubt giving her a bum map without realizing what some random stone inside actually contained. She was so giddy, she could hover three malms in the air if she could!


Warren's last comment did cause her to comically pause and cover her big fat mouth. This was the bloody Quicksand! Someone could overhear and get interested! "Um... 'tis useless ore, I bet, haha! I mean what are the chances? It'll be just my luck too." Confident save, horrible recovery. Any sod with a half of a brain could call in her bluff.

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Quint just watched with a smile at Kali's reaction to it all and talking about some stone and the glee she had as she ignored them for a time. Cobalon hopped on the table once more to converse with Quint in a low voice.


"Should we tell her about the possible dangers she may face on the journey?" Quint heard his question and shook her head. "No. For she wanted the end result, not the troubles she may face...Lot of Goblins possibly. Nothing too dangerous." and with a shift of the crystals she returned to her seat, laying it open for more.


"Who else would love to see a reading!? As this young girl has just reacted, it is a work of truth, not fiction!" Again, Cobalon attempted to gather more to the effort, hoping to let more take the stage. "Anyone at all! You may find something life changing or a warning to heed!"


Quint on the other hand looked around, taking some rock candy out with an ominous glow and placing one in her mouth. "...Apple..." she quietly mentioned. Bystanders started watching but were more nervous than before.



[align=center]"Her hand just vanished when it was placed inside..."[/align]




[align=center]"Do you think it could chop off limbs?"[/align]



[align=center]"...I keep telling you that thing is a witch..."[/align]


Quint tried ignoring the comments as she focused on her task. The quicksand's eyes on her for a time. Her expressionless face and stiff posture masked her nervous interior of it all. She tried to speak but yelling was hard for her. "I ask for nothing in return. It is all for fun. No harm done."

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More and more would pass on by. Some asking for simple choices while others were a bit more complex. Each time they were more than amazed at the reading. The assurance of possibility did make them question their actions more than usual...but one group of men saw this differently. They spoke quietly but perhaps someone could catch their antics.

"I'm going to show the people that she is a fraud..."


"Alright, next up. And which of you will be taking the reading?" Cobalon said as the Hyur with brown hair sat at the table while looking at Quint. The other four behind him waited in anticipation. "I'll take that reading. Names John Amhar. I'm thinking about asking this girl to this great bar. Think your little portal could tell me what happens if I ask her out?" he smirked as Quint prepared the crystals. They swirled and twisted until they were in formation....and a portal did not appear.


"I'm sorry mister John, but what you speak about never will or is happening at all in the near future. You speak of a lie." which at first stunned the group. But with a save he pressed on. "Well obviously you are not trying hard enough. I am looking to ask this girl out and I want to know what happens if I do it."


Quint tried once more, her body flinching as the portal refused to open. "Again...I cannot open the portal. Your current choice in this realm does not exist within the limits of time itself. I kindly ask-" at that point the man stood up and tried his best to make her look like a fraud.


"I KNEW IT! You don't see into the future! You just make light shows in people's heads!" this clearly got Cobalon's Attention as he tried to look for some familiar aid...and yet finding Warren relaxing and watching. He approached the man with worry. "Warren...I need an idea to deal with these men. They might be pushing her to the limit." Cobalon knew at the most that Warren already had his share of trouble and having him butt in would make things look bad for the Grindstone. 


Quint tried a third time but failed once more. Small cracks formed on her face. "Huh? No portal still? come on! It's simple! Just show me a vision of what happens when I ask this pretty girl tonight to go with me to a bar! Is it that hard!?" the other four were backing his antic up. Quint tried again, but the crystals were shaking a little in the formation. "I-i'm trying...but...you are lying-"


"I AM NOT LYING! Quit stallin' and tell me if I see her naked from asking her out!"


The heavy demands on Quint were more than she could handle for the time. She wasn't one to fight back and in her current position, she had to prove to them that she could. "P-please sir...Ask for something else..."

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Kali had been in the midst of trading back the leve, oblivious to the stir that was going on in the Quicksand after her fortune. Why should she when there was a gil sinker lingering for her just beyond the Forbidden Spring? She had been in the midst of arguing with the levemete for her to take back the job did the chatter get too agitated for her sensitive ears.


Fear. Suspicion. When Kali turned back around, the fortuneteller lady was trying to predict another's future and was failing. She didn't even think about the possible truth that the lady was a fraud and abandoned the irritated levemete to shout in defiance.


"Hey! Maybe she can't predict your future because you'll never get the time of day from that lass?" she wondered innocently, and it caused a group of merchants in the back to roar with laughter. "Don't be a stinker by pestering her!" Lying or not, it wasn't nice for people to start calling names, especially if there was no proof.


She herself had been the brunt of many a foul rumor dealing with Ul'dah's socialites. "I'm telling ya, I know she predicted the future! I saw it with mine own eyes! And I can prove it!" The grey auracite - if she brought it back, then the fortuneteller would be clear of these foul accusations would she not?

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At the sound of the growing altercation, the purple-haired miqo'te strode up to the table, setting her jaw as she laid her gaze upon the leader of the group of men. "Show's over, boys. Why don't you four go get a round on me? You surely wouldn't want to cause trouble, here, of all places," she said, narrowing her eyes just a bit and flicking the tines of the rod at her belt, evoking a pure chime like a tuning fork and causing the silvery-black wootz metal to glow a faint blue.


She tossed a handful of gil towards the men. "So go sit down and have a drink."

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The highlander was already appraising the situation as the carbuncle drew close. It wasn't quite a request for assistance, just asking for ideas. Warren held up a hand to signal hesitation, nodding slightly at the others watching and gathered.


"Looks like her customers are taking care of it for now." Fights in the Quicksand were nothing new, but he sincerely hoped this wasn't a hill any one of the disgruntled strangers were going to pick to die on. Laughter from the merchants was a good thing to help diffuse the tension, as was the offer of drinks on someone else's coin.


Warren watched for the outcome; For the man to press his claim would look more like picking for a fight than anything else, now that he was the butt of a joke and had an amenable way out of the unfortunate spotlight. The highlander tensed his right hand, flexing fingers.

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With the assurance of others handling it, Cobalon sighed and hopped on a seat near Warren. Mostly to watch the event unfold. In his current state there was nothing he could do other than talk it out...which he would of failed with these people.


The men looked to the women with agitation. "Why should we believe this? I speak of truth about this girl i'm asking out. Yet SHE thinks I am a liar!" his supposed companions backed him up on it with assurance. The man turned to Kali with a finger raised. "Moreover...How are we sure that you didn't stage this with her to begin with? Who's to say you are nothing but an actor in all this?" then he turned to the other telling them to get a drink. "And you! How can you sit idle when this mockery of a show seems nothing more than an act to make it look like she can see the future?! This woman is a fraud and I intend to bring it to light!"


Quint thought for a moment. Her mind circulating with ideas on what she could do and what she couldn't. Processing information was her method of thinking as she then looked to the other Miqo'te woman with the glowing weapon. "Then...allow her to ask me of a choice in the future for her? I have never seen this woman before and would gladly demonstrate it."


The man looked to his friends, confused and unsure. He sighed and stood up. "Fine. But we want ALL the juicy information. Every detail of what she saw." they stared at the threatening Miqo'te, waiting to see if she would take this offer.


Cobalon merely smiled at all that. Feeling more relaxed than before. "Perhaps you should get a future sight as well? Maybe predict a possible outcome on the winner of the next Grindstone and get an advantage of betting?" Cobalon chuckled as he joked on to the idea. But he decided to enlightened Warren on it.


"What Quint is doing is a complex algorithm of spell weaving. She is basically examining the Aether makeup of a being with the possible choices they make in the future and show them a brief glimpse of what can and may happen...but it is never always perfect. Like fortune telling, she is reading your very energy. Unlike such a thing, she does not guess or predict. For the future can never be set in stone. Only the past can..." The more he talked, the older Cobalon started to sound and feel. "You get what i mean, no? The future can and will change. It all depends on our actions and choices, no matter how small and inconsequential they might seem."

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"I don't see why you really give a damn," L'yhta spit back, her ears flattening against her head, her tail beginning to sway back and forth. "What harm's she doing? She's not taking gil, she's not doing anything except apparently offending your delicate sensibilities. Go have a round and cool off. Like I said, drinks're on me."


She then clacked the toe of her shoe against the stone floor and flicked her gaze to the fortune-teller. "No offense, but I don't go sticking my limbs into portals created by others' magicks without some study in advance, okay? My interest here is purely academic. Or, at least, was," she said, turning her eyes back on the men.

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"S-staged?!" Kali squeaked so high, her own tail bristled up in alarm. Actor?! Did he really believe her an... actor? Her eyes turned glassy and almost star struck, turning the insult into complete flattery as she imagined her famous and surrounded by fans like the Songbirds themselves.


"Aye, but I don't mind tagging along ter find some o' that fancy whetstone ye be spewing about!" A gruff, drunken Highlander suddenly wrapped an arm around Kali's shoulders and lifted her off the ground, snatching the map easily and holding it over his head. "What say ye? Make the adventure a bit 'o fun, yeh?"


She kicked around half-heartedly before giving up and, in a pure dirty move, sank her fangs into the man's arm. He howled, dropped her, and before he could catch his balance, ended up with a strong uppercut to the face.




If he saw stars and moogles, she wouldn't know. He dropped the map and careened straight onto a nearby table where he flopped unconscious over upturned mugs and angry patrons. And when Kali victoriously picked up her prize, the men at the table leered at her.


Wolves came in packs. Especially drunken ones!


"Uhhhhh..." Kali gaped. When they suddenly jumped out of their chairs, she screamed and jumped over the railing and out the door with the angry men at her heels. "AIYYYYEEEEEEEEE!"


Another day, another adventure. Tis the life of a recovering looter.

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The small group didn't seem really content with leaving. At least not until they felt like Quint knew her supposed place. But she had enough as a portal appeared.


"There. Stick your hand in and see what happens exactly to you upon your request." how exactly she did that seemed rather...weird. Yet the Hyur looked rather nervous. He looked back at L'yhta then his companions as they motioned for him to go with it...And sure enough he stuck his hand in. The vision surging through him and before Quint could even tell him to pull out, he screamed in complete fright as his hand was removed. He tumbled over the chair, possibly bruising something while shaking in terror.


"W-what in the seven hells-" 


"That is a vision I opened up while you were mindlessly fighting with someone else. The choice you had before you were to either continue your blatant attempts at making me look bad and end up as what you possibly saw, or you left without problems..." Quint spoke, taking the time to absorb an Elemental Cluster to mend any wounds on her that appeared. "Now tell me...What is it that you saw?" she asked....


"I-i saw...That Miqo'te...Freezing myself...and my companions...then...then..." he couldn't finish as he bolted out. The other companions with him didn't follow or chase but rather leisurely strolled out without causing more of a fuss. 


Quint sighed, adjusted her glasses and looked to L'yhta. "I am sorry you got dragged into this. It was not my intention to show any wrongdoing in my method." apologizing for the fuss as the audience around her looked to of started the supposed line up again. The crystals returned to the table. 


Yet Quint flinched once more, forcing her hand on her face before bringing it back up. "...Those men really made me fight to find what they wanted..."

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L'yhta's ears perked back up as she smiled at the fortune-teller; the man's stammering about being frozen didn't seem to give her any pause. "Don't worry about it, okay? I just can't stand to see drunk arses making trouble for people, especially over things they don't understand.


"Don't let me keep you from your interested public, though," she noted, her eyes flicking to the line starting to form again. "I'll just be over here with a drink if anyone decides to make more of a fuss. And! When you're done, I'd love to hear more about this particular spell, and your very unique carbuncle barker."

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