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Racing pinnaces!

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I was wondering if there is anyone around with characters that are very much into (or interested in) racing with manacutters and airship stuff, as seen and inspired by what we have seen in the introductory cutscenes to Void Ark?


I am starting to make my own dig into that kind of hobby (it can also get further than just a hobby!). Be it starting from just racing around alone out of a need for speed and freedom, or more serious stuff like racing with other people, organizing things like that, or even more shady business dealing with manacutters... I'm all for it!


Why pinnaces? Cause I like the idea that those small airships are like pinnaces and can be attached to bigger and slower airships for long-haul stuff and so on. I like the idea that interested FCs or skyfolks groups could come and compete or do things around those manacutters, operating out of their huge airships (LAUNCH THE MANACUTTERS CAPTAIN!). I feel there is a lot to create and do around that subject, especially since those are Garlond Ironworks patented, which makes them available in limited quantity in Eorzea without having to bend the lore like hell or just feel godmoddy...



What i'm looking for:


- RP stuff around that. Be it mechanics and engineering stuff, aeronautics design, pilot tales, filthy piwates, (biker gangs?), whatever fits the bill.


- A way for my character to be a bad girl and explore that punk/rebellious attitude of hers.


- Could be a way to create a fictionnal RP entity like a racing league or so... Something underground hidden behind a totally legitimate facade, yes sir.


What i'm not interested in:


- Godmode. Special snowflakism. It's a mellow little idea and i'm not interested into super exagerated shonen style racing (see, ala prince of tennis in a nutshell). Couldn't care less if your character is an awesome pilot that wins everything.


- Not very much attracted by the racing act in itself. It can be probably nice and all, but considering the overall slow speed of the things and their underwhelming racing feel ingame (as opposed to these VA cutscenes...), I don't really see that as a the end of all things here. If people have fun with it though, sure, go for it. I think it could even be funnier in tabletop/roll mode actually! But I am mostly aiming for the RP around it because that's where the opportunities lie!



Tell me what you think!


(besides the obvious "Now that's 'cutter racing!")

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When I played SWG way back when, there was a group that ran swoop bike/pod racing events ICly that were a lot of fun. They had a system that was used to calculate racer time as well as ways for racers to interact with one another (ram into each other, evade attacks, etc.) I can try to dig up the rules and everything if that would be helpful for you/with this event.

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