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Color me _________.


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This post is a WIP


So Eva and I had a fun idea incorporating odd colors into a picture and making them work. The process would be similar to the Secret Santa, except random assignments would be posted. For this we will use https://kuler.adobe.com and make a color palette, the one rule we have is that you must have one light and one dark, other than that, anything goes. Oh, differing opacities of the colors is fine too, so long as they're not new colors.


Basically the process would work like this:


1. Create a Palette on kuler and screenshot it so people can eyedrop the colors

2. I would take the entries and randomize them, assigning palettes to different people

3. Create Artstuffs with palettes

4. Profit


Basically we can make cool shit with odd colors and stuff. Like this: http://browse.deviantart.com/?qh=&secti ... 2#/d3fi8sc


Hmmm... I wanna say we draw each others' characters, just so we have something to hang on our refrigerators. The system will be designed so that there will be two randomized rosters, one with the palettes and another with the assignments, so both colors and assignments will be randomized. I wasn't planning on starting this until after Rhostel's second art trade anyway, but just something to look forward to I guess. There is no skill requirement for this, but admittedly it might be challenging (hopefully in a good educational way).


1. Gerik

2. Eva

3. Deirdre

4. Para

5. E'iri

6. Aysun


Theme theme themeeeeee, what could a theme be, let's throw out some ideas.


p.s. This is my kuler thing: https://kuler.adobe.com/#themeID/2198959

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Cool example! I think the point here would be to create a challenging/unusual scheme and somehow make a weird color combination work together. Gerik is making the rules up for this one so I don't know if we're limited to hard brushes and minimal use of smudge/opacity and other such tools or what. But if we're creating color schemes upfront here's one I whipped up that may serve to help exemplify what I think we're talking about:




A few questions I should have asked in the chat:


1. Are we drawing our characters here, each others' characters, or anything we want? FF theme?

2. If we're sticking to characters, should they be matched up to the scheme, or do we want to randomize everything? That is, artist A would draw/paint artist B's character using artist C's color scheme.

3. Can we not start this until after the Secret Santa thing is done? xD Maybe just assemble some color schemes for awhile first? I get overwhelmed easily. Hehe.


Feel free to edit any of these answers into your OP Gerik. I think this will be fun.

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