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Hello, Fresh Meat Here!


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Hi! I'm new here and to A Realm Reborn in general, though I've played many Final Fantasy games before (completed: I, IV, VI, VII, VIII, IX; played some of: II, X, XII). With that being said, today was my first day in the game and it was an interesting mix of familiar elements and brand new concepts for me. I apologize if my lore is not so well, so I'm going with it (and sort of copping out) by creating a character sort of waking up from ignorance to the world around him. I'd love to play with some people sometime, killing things or even just hanging out and spending free time in the game.


I was trying to make a new character for Balmung or Gilgamesh due to the high concentration of RP players there, but it seems they're rather full. I did look into it already and I know that my options are to either get a paid transfer from another server or wait until the dead of night to try and create the character. I do want to play on these big RP servers, but if any other fresh players are bored or lonely on another world I'd be glad to join!


-Regards, Yon

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You could quite literally go months trying to get into Balmung, including trying to get in right before/after maintenance downtimes. And I do mean literally.


Best bet is pack a single server full with 8 characters, wait the minimum amount of days and transfer them all over to Balmung for $18.00.


If not that, then there are a few servers such as Siren and Jenova that have started to gather over there. If you're interested in going that route, I'd recommend checking out teh "Linksheels tab at the top of the site. Click the "Other" tab and you will se LS/FCs for the other servers.


Good luck to you and welcome to the RPC!

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