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New to RP.


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Hello everyone, I figured I'd slip in here before all the chaos starts up in the middle of the year as we near the lift of the NDA. Having never tried RP before, I thought I'd need some time to wrap my head around everything, so expect some stupid questions. :?


So here we go, a little about me..


I'm a 26-year old Aussie with a fairly long history of MMO's, starting with FFXI as a DRG main, which I still have a huge soft spot for despite starting in the peak of the LOLDRG phenomena with a personal record of 8 straight days of LFP before finding a group (Not including invites that caused other group members to drop out after seeing DRG :roll: ), resulting in a full year long journey from 1-75.


After FFXI I jumped around to a couple of F2P MMOs, before settling in to WoW and eventually joining the 2nd best Horde Guild on my server (We lost clearing Sunwell by 2 hours...2 HOURS!). Then I started jumping around between MMO's again until FFXIV's Closed Beta, and played fairly solidly for a year or so(All DoW/M classes capped except for Archer..never really got into it) before bouncing around and then trying Guild Wars 2.


It was during my 2-3 month stint in GW2 that I realised I'd become a bit too focused and driven in my MMO gaming, I'd lost the feeling of wonder that held me to FFXI for all those years. My intentions were not to experience everything I could, but to make my numbers bigger, and it only took me rushing 6 characters to cap one after the other to realise it. :lol:


So with ARR coming closer and closer to fruition, I've decided to not only start fresh with a new character (I'll still keep my original, just in case I need to sate my hunger for endgame content), but to try something completely new by RPing.


That was a little longer than intended... :oops:

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Hello and welcome from another XI career DRG! :cheer: (and I feel your pain about the loldrg thing - I spent several years proving them wrong lol)


I'm unfamiliar with most of the other games, but it's still always great to see an aspiring RPer! Please don't be afraid to ask any questions if you have any. Most everyone here is very friendly and wants to help~

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Welcome to the RPC. You'll find that RP keeps a character interesting for much longer than rushing to cap. So stick around, build your character, enjoy the game.


It's good to have you here.

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Thanks for the warm welcome. :D As of now I'm planning to start fresh with a Female Highlander, but I won't know for sure until February when we apparently get access to the full Character Creation. If I can't make a Highlander I like, I'll probably make a Female Roeg just because I want something new (and don't want to be part of the massive Man'Qote zerg).


I don't know if there's a set place, or if I should make a new topic in another area, but I'll just start by asking my first question here..


What are people's opinions on Racial Prejudice in RP? I'm wondering this because I was thinking of where to start my development while I was watching the End of an Era video and thought it would be cool to have a younger Ustarte injured during Bahamut's attack on Limsa Lominsa..



Where she gets stuck under some rubble/debris and there is a small group of *insert race here* who she calls to, but they run off in fear and leave her, before she's saved by my 1.0 character. So after this, while she's adventuring she shows slight hostility/aggressive behaviour towards that race, and I can have her overcome this and develop as she progresses.


Ofcourse this could all fall apart when they tell us the reasons these race/gender options weren't available Lore-wise in 1.0 (They're still going to do that, right?).


Soooo...Any opinions? :ugeek:

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Welcome aboard. :) It's actually awesome to find someone else who also played Dragoon as their main, including right through the leaner times before Treasures of Aht Urhgan came along and made piercing damage a thing that was cherished and awesome against Colibri. I still play XI myself, and still main DRG as well.


As to your question about racial behavior in FFXIV, something to take note of is that by comparison to FFXI, FFXIV hardly has much of any issues with race in Eorzea and society as a whole. Whereas in FFXI race was a rather important story piece in many ways, and was very much played up as a dramatic storytelling piece in both missions and in general (Elvaan superiority, Humes basically treating Galka like a mixture of Native Americans and slaves, Tarutaru considering Mithra feral yet useful), FFXIV almost never has any sort of mention of that sort of racial conflict, not even underneath the surface.


Of course that isn't to say that your character can't have some issues with a specific type of race! Just keep in mind that, at least in 1.0, racial tensions were, at worst, someone making a crack about a Lalafel's height or an Elezen's long neck. :lol:

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Racial prejudice is fine in character, as long as it stays in character. My characters in the past (meaning not Tadir) have always had a heavy prejudice against elves. Just don't let that bleed over to ooc communications. Maintaining good relations with the other players is very important, even if your characters hate each other.


Especially if your characters hate each other.

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Some NPC's exhibit this sort of stuff. The fellow in 1.0 that described the differences among the races/clans seemed to stereotype duskwight elezen as being thieves and brigands. Where it's unclear how much credence can be given to this guy's claim it's usually fair to say that most stereotypes exist for some reason or another, though often wind up getting embellished or exaggerated. That is only one example though, and as a duskwight character who is more lawful-good aligned I hope that more lore is released about the races and their clans so I can see if I am more of an exception to the rule or if this particular NPC was just wronged by a duskwight once so has a poor opinion of them. lol


The racial 'flaws' from FFXI (elvaan=arrogance, tarutaru=cowardice, hume=apathy, mithra=jealousy, galka=rage) seem to have filtered their way into XIV but are nowhere near as pronounced as they were in XI. They're almost more of a baseline that seems to exist to be strayed from and I've enjoyed seeing much more diverse characters racially. Elezen do seem to generally be rather haughty, but considering the lore and that they were supposedly the original inhabitants of Eorzea there may be some reason for this sense of entitlement. But I don't get this vibe from all elezen NPC's, and I've encountered a good few members of the other four races who exhibit such tendencies. This same thing can be said of the other four races as well, I believe.


Is it all right for a character to be racist? Absolutely! I think it's real. My own character's father has a good degree of racial bias, though much of that has not trickled down to her (fortunately for many of her miqo'te friends). While some of it stems from storyline, some of it is also akin to why your grandfather might refer to some ethnic group one way or another - not so much out of hatred or anything but more because what is considered Politically Correct now is much different than "back then" so to speak.


As Tadir above said, communication is also important. I've found myself sending OOC /tells to people just to explain why my character feels as she does given some of her strong opinions about certain things. Too many times have I seen that line between IC and OOC blur, and something off-color intended to be strictly in-character is taken as an out-of-character insult. Being open to a little OOC communication to clarify why your character may be behaving a particular way may help with creating intense and believable rivalries with other characters.


Sorry I kind of rambled on a bit there. :oops:

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Welcome aboard. :) It's actually awesome to find someone else who also played Dragoon as their main, including right through the leaner times before Treasures of Aht Urhgan came along and made piercing damage a thing that was cherished and awesome against Colibri. I still play XI myself, and still main DRG as well.


The DRG community on Midgard was awesome, and most likely the main reason I ended up sticking with it for so long, the funny thing about ToAU for me was that I was levelling BLM at the time and hit 58 right as it came out.. So I went from being highly wanted for groups, to almost useless once again :lol:. I ended up being a BLM healer from 60-73 in melee burn PTs before being able to move on to puddings.


As for the prejudice thing, I don't intend it to be full on racism, just a distrust and wariness due to a past experience that I've outlined in a topic that was thankfully moved to the right area by a mod :D . It probably won't last long, as I'm thinking of having the Midland boy in the story becoming either Ustarte's companion (if we still get them in 2.0) or her retainer.


And having a Elvaan DRG in XI made me pretty much accustomed to racism and job discrimination in-game, I swear half the time I was referred to by outsiders as loldrg or {Dhalmel}.

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I had sort of a similar experience with BLM on the Sylph server. I wound up leveling BLM right after ToAU came out and doing so mostly soloing from 60ish to 75 because the demand for BLM at that stage of the game was much like DRG had been. And I loathed BLM but I remember being pushed to level it because I really wanted an Optical Hat at the time, and everyone pretty much rolled their eyes when another melee wanted to tag along. Little did I realize that leveling BLM (even with utterly no emphasis on improving my mediocre nuking gear) would trap me into that job for so much stuff that I would much rather have played DRG for. One of my standout memories was a Dynamis-Beaucedine run that had been parsed prior to my finishing my relic weapon where I was dealing damage as DRG on par with a Spharai MNK in our group. That conversation was kind of funny.



Her: I always thought DRG really sucked. Your dmg is just a sliver beneath mine.

Me: Are you factoring in my wyvern's damage too?

Her: -.- You're doing more then.



Suffice it to say, when the level cap went up, the only job that went along with it was DRG. :D


And somewhat sadly, I no longer have the time or patience to dump a lot of time into stuff like endgame or gear upgrades so I'm much more focused on RP this go-round. I've also found a lot of love for WHM. I liked XI DRG a lot more than XIV DRG but maybe that will change in ARR - I don't know.


I'm sorry I didn't mean to derail your welcome thread. And I saw the other thread you posted about character backhistory and everything looks great! I, for one, am very much looking forward to meeting your character in-game in a few months. :)


EDIT: Also Elvaan DRG. /high5


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Haha I never got anywhere near Relic/Mythic weapons, had a friend who got to 2nd last stage lance, but lost contact with him after the servers merged while I was on a break.


I had pretty much the exact same problem after levelling BLM, but back then if I wanted in to the main group, I had to be what they wanted and ended up resenting BLM for it..oddly I really enjoyed SCH :lol: so hopefully I'll like Arcanist too, since they seem to be enfeeb heavy.


I know most people say the Wyvern isn't a real Dragoon feature..but after XI I loved my little blue buddy, went so far as to name my Chocobo "Duke" after him. Don't worry about derailing :D Helps me get to know people better.

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When XI/RotZ news first broke, I saw the description for all the jobs and the pictures of AF. In previous games I've almost always chosen the healer class, but in a little text-based type MMO called GemStone III a long time ago I was a healer class (empath) that wielded two-handed polearms. Since then I'd always been fascinated by spears, lances, etc. So to learn of a job that not only wielded a polearm, but also featured a dragon (I'm a huge dragon fan) and wore purple (easily my favorite color by far) I was like... "Did S-E have me in mind when they made this job?!" Kain was always one of my favorite characters from the FF series as well. So that was very exciting.


And I shouldn't say I really did a lot of endgame in XI. Mostly I did a lot of Dynamis (and a fair bit of Limbus). I never really fussed with Sky or Einherjar or much of that other stuff. When I wasn't doing Dynamis/Limbus, I was usually farming, crafting, or otherwise playing "money making game."


I'm not sure how I would feel about them adding wyverns in XIV. I don't think that it would make me any more or less attached to the job. I'm really enjoying getting back to healing and will likely be fulltime white mage this go-round. The job just doesn't have the same flair for me as it did in XI, and I've always preferred healing classes. Even in XI my DRG spent a lot of time with /mage subjobs and there were a handful of times I mainhealed (often with another DRG) using HB triggers and Drachen/Wyrm armet gear swaps and all that. Ugh, I don't miss gear swapping....

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Heh I received many blacklist adds from merit PTs getting pissed off I was soloing Sea Puks (Even when I was there first :roll: ) as /RDM. I was pretty much the opposite in terms of endgame, lots of waking up at 3am for HNM pop windows. After 3 years in WoW as a Resto Druid, I think I'm done being a main healer for a while, a SCH like class would probably be the only way I'd ever heal again, being able to switch back and forth between DPS and Heals was refreshing.

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