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Developers Blog ~ Female Roegadyn


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Apparently, the development team did a live stream on Nico Nico Douga. During this live stream, they benchmarked A Realm Reborn on four different PC's: low, mid and high spec as well as a Windows 8 Touch tablet computer. But the more interesting note is the screen shot that's on the Developers blog. It features six different characters, two of which are a male Miqo'te and a female Roegadyn. It would also seem there is a tail-less Miqo'te. From what I know, this is the first look at the female Roe aside from the art work. The picture also shows off some new armor and two possible pets?


Anyway, here's the image but feel free to check out the Developers Blog for yourself.



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It does seem that way doesn't it? Lol Isaac keeps his tail wrapped up like that because when he was a child, Melfina would tug on his tail anytime he lost his balance or footing while she was training him. It annoyed him greatly so he solved the problem by wrapping his tail around his waist. So now he has excellent balance without his tail. His balance still isn't top notch with his tail unwrapped, but he will use it to steady himself when shooting an arrow at long distances.

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...Your character was trained by Melfina?


Nvm. I'm derailing the thread. :3


As Kylin said, it's a made up NPC that plays a part in Isaac's story, though she may become a side character that I'll roll play. Also, to my surprise, there's an NPC in the game named Ailith. I had no idea when I made her until I got the quest lol


Also, I want a Bomb and I want a baby Chocobo Pet :bomb: :chocobo:

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Her name is Minfilia. I think Vareal's character is just some other self-made npc. Too many names that sound alike all over this community xD


I love that noble outfit with the top hat. Not that Ky would ever wear that IC of course >.>


Omg. So true. xD

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Sorry to burst everyone's bubble on the tail-less Miqo'te subject' date=' but look at her arm. Her tail just so happens to be angled EXACTLY the same as her arm in that picture. The tail is there, it just blends in.[/quote']


Oh i see it now... lol. good eye.

I tend to over analyze things.

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On the whole tail matter, a little bird told me that there is the possibility of several physical appearance categories getting 'numeric' values that you change to get what you want, and this includes tail length. '0' is not possible, however length may very well have its variable ranges.

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They've already officially released the four tail options for Miqo'tes in ARR (with pictures, but I can't remember the link at the moment). There are length options as well as style, such as tipped, "lion," fluffy, and normal. :P

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