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A Night at the Cliffs. Musical Review!

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Perfect venue choice of course! Time we moved out of the musty old cabaret cellars and bring the music to the world!


I am so very sad I can't be there, but I hope can send some audience your way, and maybe some favors, hope this goes well!  Break a leg you two!

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It's alright Momo, we have fashioned a Momo-effigy that we will move randomly around the place.  Folks will only know of your absence if they go so far as to proposition the mannequin. We have yet to find some one willing to sit inside the trojan-momo and reply appropriately. :) 


Hopefully things will go well, moral support is greatly appreciated!



A 10-string viol and the cat who comes with it

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Selfishly bumping this post up because it is tomorrow night.  But rather than seem like that is what I am doing, I will mask the intent with a few questions about the nanawa mines.


1) in the building across from the promenade,  there is a hyur inside looking for something on the shelves there...what the hell is he looking for?  


2) the miners at the table out front the promenade building...how long is their smoke break? they've been there a while.


3) would anyone want to sleep in the beds there?  Has anyone crashed there?


4) has anyone discussed the possibility of hiring at least one duskwight?  they are a subterranean people anyway.  they could live in the mine too...the commute would be very reasonable.



-Savo's viol.

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Thanks to everyone who supported this event, it was really fun for Marcellain and myself.  We made a lot of noise, used a lot of profanity, suffered exactly zero trolls, Gwyn gave out free beer, Marcy's fan club showed up in force with one pair of bunny ears and only two pairs of underwear between them (and Renaux didn't account for the ears but may have been wearing panties) and finally no one shooed off the Viol player for trying to rhyme 'autoerotic' with 'frolic.'  (Technically, they do rhyme.)  


At any rate, It's not enough for a unwashed miqo kit and an overly preened vanity bard to have enjoyed it.  If those that attended had...we'll do it again...and Marcy will have a new hat.    -once we figured out what happened to him. :) 



Savo's Viol

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I had a great time! The atmosphere was engaging and energetic, and the chemistry between you two really made it. Songs were amazing, as usual! So sorry I had to leave early but bed was calling. If you do this again, I'm so there!



Two bards and their captivated crowd.[/align]

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