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The Fated Inn friendship evenings

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[align=center]The Fated Inn friendship evenings

Every Friday starting at 19:00GMT in The Fated Inn - Goblet ward 6 plot 9


We have moved! There is no Fated Inn evening this Friday as we prepare new, better and larger Fated Inn. Check up back with us next week!



[align=center]Event summary[/align]


The Fated Inn Friendship Evenings is small to medium scale EU regular event with main purpose of helping people to get involved in RP, meet new characters and find new friends in safe and cozy atmosphere of the Fated Inn. The event is open to everyone and we hope to help players who are shy, have bad previous experience or are new to the community get their characters involved, make new connections in non-stressful and friendly environment and find opportunities for more future RP.



[align=center]Event background

Fated Inn is a strange place, every once in a while something happens and people from all over the Eorzea wander in there, some will find a nice place to chat and drink away their worries, others maybe finally overcome their fears and make new friends and few will even find their safe haven there.




This event is tightly bound to the Fated Inn so if you're not familiar with it yet you can check it out in its separate thread HERE


There you'll find some basic information regarding The Fated Inn background, especially to answers the most frequent questions like  "Where is this inn ICly located?" and "What reasons could my character have to go there?"


If you did then you know that the Inn is... well whatever it is it seems to mostly try to help people. On evenings like this all those who might be searching for a friend, knowingly or not would likely find themselves in front of doors leading to what seems to be tavern and inn. Some of them had been looking for a place like this and will welcome a chance to meet someone new while others might be wary, afraid or just telling themselves they are better on their own but it's getting late, the smell of something quite tasty reaches them through the doors and cozy warmth of the fireplace welcomes them within. After all this might not be such a bad place to have a drink, bite of something good or to spend a night.


So it'll be the inn itself bringing your characters there, this is so even less sociable and shy characters could attend also it also means there won't be any IC promotion of the event but if your character would react the best for example to finding an old flyer about this place with a free drink voucher and that would make them go there feel free to roll with it. If your character is dedicated healer who would only go where are they needed they might believe they are needed there and so on. The inn works in mysterious ways which means there are plenty of creative means of getting all kinds of characters involved.




[align=center]Event rules


[align=left]No matter if you need help making new IC contacts, want to help others or just meet new people everyone is welcome. Just remember our usual Fated Inn rules still apply, we often try to involve people who are shy about their RP please be considerate and understanding, your character doesn't have to be the nicest person, the bartender himself happens to be certain Grumbling Behemoth after all who might not be the best (though often rather hilarious) at dealing with people of any kind, but we hope that as player you are.




[align=center]Questions and feedback

We appreciate all the help we can get. You can direct all questions regarding the event, ideas or feedback at the Grumbling Behemoth ingame or post them here.






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We are still trying to set the best day and time for the event, if you didn't do so yet if you're interested in stopping by (even if you won't be able to do so on regular basis) please fill out our quick google survey


Based on current results most likely is Friday either weekly or bi-weekly during evenings to late evenings, if there will be people I don't mind keeping the inn opened later so our US friends can stop by as well. But nothing is set in stone yet.


Also all ideas and feedback are welcome.

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The planning is over, we have a first date and time set, if you can be sure to stop by, we expect the first one to be bit smaller as there isn't enough time to properly promote it but there sure should be enough people to enjoy the evening and make some new friends.

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Thanks to everyone who had been there yesterday, despite the late heads up for our first run we had plenty of people showing up (enough for the reclusive grumpy bartender to suffer :D )


If you'd like to visit us during one of our regular calmer evenings we're RPing almost daily. If you want to keep eye on when there are people RPing let me know and join our LS.


Also next friendship evening is happening on Friday Mar 25, 20:00GMT

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Friendly reminder as our friday friendship evenings are still going on and everyone is welcome to come by.


And of course I'd like to thank to everyone who joined us in past few weeks. Lately we had been having quite a few people showing up, from regulars to some new faces every week.

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We moved, well it was bit more dramatic, let's say we lost our house, raged, almost quit and then thanks to few wonderful people joined two FC's to share the new house that will become the new Fated Inn. Currently its under construction and hopefully our weekly event will resume 17th in our wonderful large house in Lavender Beds.


Also big thanks to everyone who offered help after we lost the house, even as we managed to sort things out in the end we appreciate it.


Also for those familiar with the Fated Inn background and lore while certainly everyone will notice the house is larger it's still Fated Inn with all of its weirdness and charm and if your characters are used to enter from Goblet they will find the Goblet doors where they always used to be. After all if you need us any doorway can lead to the mysterious inn.

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