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A Fresh New Face!


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Yooo o/ I'm Sin! I'm a fresh new baby to this forum, sorta found it on accident too but i've been trying to branch out rp wise in the scene.

I've rped for about Eight years now which is weird to me just thinking about it. I've done everything from dnd, forum based, chat room, tumblr but i've never done a MMO style of rping. I started ffxiv baaaack in July and was originally on Jenova with a few friends, but at the beginning of March we moved to Balmung! Back on Jenova my friend and i didnt really rp at all, but now a few of us are slowly getting into it. I'm the only person who hasn't joined a RP FC yet since I'm still figuring out what i would join.


The Character I play is Gilded Cliffrose, a thirty something year old Hellsguard Roegadyn who originally abandoned her clan to fulfill her dream of becoming so strong that she will destroy the mountains that lead to Hell. Now, a few decades later she's "accidentally" made some connections with the Syndicate and is a fairly wealthy Hitman/Muscle for Hire who still dreams about destroying some mountains. I've got some kinks to continue working out with her, but she's sort of a goofball with a Bad streak. 


Hopefully i'll get to make some connections while i'm here and be able to rp way more!!! It's nice to meet you all!!!

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Aaaa Thanks for the welcome guys!! I'm still nervous to rping in game, but hopefully ill be more confident to talk \o/ 


@T'khoa Tia   I'll check youre wiki out!!! though that reminds me, I should maybe start working on Cliffrose's paage too lmao.



@NoobOnDuty Yes!!!!!! These Roes Gotta Meet hopefully!! I love roegadyns and seeing so many rping on Balmung is such a nice change from my old one ;u;

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