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New Year's Greetings! (Jan 7th)


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I Hope everyone's New Year's celebrations were fun and enjoyable! Keeping up with The Lodestone, there is a new post from Yoshi-P, thanking everyone for their support of the game and for those who have stuck with the game for the last two years. There's no direct link to the post, as it's not a Letter From the Producer, so I'll quote it here so it doesn't get lost in future posts from The Lodestone.


  • New Year's Greetings!


Happy new year to all of you eagerly awaiting FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn! Yoshi-P here, writing to wish everyone the best for the coming twelve moons.


The outgoing year saw valiant adventurers gather to bear witness to the end of an era, and the alpha test for A Realm Reborn successfully conducted. Neither of these things would've been possible without your unwavering support, and I feel that now's the perfect time to express our gratitude anew. Thank you!


Two years have come and gone since I first announced our four keywords: fun, live, reboot, and rebuild. With these keywords close to heart, we have gone from milestone to milestone along our journey towards rebirth. That rebirth is now within sight, and this year we will see our goal of relaunch come to fruition.


In order to deliver a new and improved FINAL FANTASY XIV to fans of the game, of the franchise, and of Square Enix alike, we promise to spare no effort as we continue pressing onwardsâtowards release.


Now then, 2013âthe year of rebirthâhas arrived. But just when we thought that the cataclysm that ushered in the Seventh Umbral Era is behind us, it would seem a prophetic passage, penned by a man we all know and respect, has been discovered. And the message it bears rings ominously indeed...




To both our Legacy adventurers as well as those eagerly awaiting A Realm Reborn, we hope we can continue relying on your support this new year! (By way of a tip-off, be sure to jot January 7 down on your calendars! :)




FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn Producer/Director

Naoki Yoshida


So what are your thoughts on January 7th? Could it be the day we get a Benchmark for ARR?

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Benchmark would be my guess, so people will know if their PC can handle the beta, might also help SE to tweak performance/graphics if too many score low/high.


Also these were just added on to the ARR blog..




Snake Kabuto Helm.




Baby Behemoth.

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