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Hi! I'm Yui Moks and I play a Xaela Engineer! I have been RPing for about 6 years now but recently I've had issues with RP and Writing as a whole that made my attention span and focus drift elsewhere. I've been struggling to settle into RPing again but I just haven't found my setting, though I feel I'm finally going to be settled here shortly!


I have been on Balmung various amounts of times, under different names.. Though I never did much else besides run content and lurk around in the QS for cheap entertainment. Heh;;


My goal for being here, is to promote and spread positive and happiness, one tell at a time. I love to compliment people, that's my biggest thing. I've been sending quite a few tells this past day just to people about how their characters look.


First and Foremost, I love content. I love PvP, Dungeons, Raiding, etc. I love it all. Though when I'm not doing that, I'm lurking around Ul'dah and checking out peoples characters and writing down bullet-points for my own character!


I'm very opinionated, Curious and I love to talk. I really enjoy talking. Whether it's a debate, simple chit-chat.. Whatever. I love talking and I could talk for hours. And when it comes to RPing, I could go on even longer. My RP style is Para/Post-To-Match.. I feel like I can only be as good as the person I'm RPing with. So with that mindset, I strive to always bring my A-Game so that we can both grow and learn as writers.


Speaking of Writing. I am hoping to use RP to get back into my writing and settle with it completely, so that way I can continue with my dream of using writing as a profession in the future. Whether It's editorial, Journalism, Novelist, Short-Stories.. What have you. Anything to do with writing, I want that as my profession.. and I feel I've grown and will continue to grow even more with RP and I hope that continues.



Okay, That's enough of me. Hi, RPC! ♥

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