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Magical Blue Marmot Questions!

Kurt S.

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So I was wondering if there were any lore dumps on carbuncles and what they're made of.


Since I've had Allene toting around an IC carby that comes in many different iterations as she tries to make a good geometry to fit her specifications. With varying results:


-Normal Carbuncle.


-Half-materialized Carbuncle. A normal carbuncle but more see through in general and is akin to like a cloud of misty aether that people can walk through.


-Thought dog carbuncle. In that somehow this carbuncle can speak her random thoughts as well as whatever random thing is on its mind. Example. 


The carbuncle had walked up to the armored highlander at the levecounter. Allene had already begun perusing the leveplates. All of the sudden, her carbuncle had began to paw at the highlander's shins and sniffing the plate around it. The highlander had paid it no mind as he had begun perusing the available leves too.


Then both her, the levemete counter and the highlander froze as voice, in a low baritone spoke out.


"He smells like a beggar! But a hard working beggar! But still a beggar! but hardworking! Filthy ala mhigans should help Ul'dah get better not just squat in the alleyways! I wonder what I'll be having for dinner later maybe it's something tasty. Twelve I hope this man won't be soliciting my services. Don't make eye contact, don't make eye contact just be smooth. Ooh ooh he's fragrant, I smell a BAT FANG! Can I have it. Can I. Have it. The bat fang. Pleeeaaasee."


Then a bout of silence followed though its aetherically blue tail still wagged like a common dog. Moments later the carbuncle disappeared in an aetherical poof after it had blurted it's piece. Allene was thankful she hid the grimoire under her robes. 


-Unoptimized Carbuncle. Looks like a normal carbuncle, hits harder than a normal carbuncle. Stares at walls all day long, drools too. Drools excess aether that causes itself to disappear after a set amount of time. 


Yeah if that sounded like I don't know what I'm talking about it's probably because I don't and 99% of the time I'm just pulling stuff out of nowhere.

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So I was wondering if there were any lore dumps on carbuncles and what they're made of.


There's a pretty good discussion on arcanum and familiars in the Arcanist Lore Thread.


There's not a ton of specifics on carbuncles so to sum it all up, Carbuncles are familiars created by channeling ones aether into a specified gemstone. These gemstones and the geometry used to summon them determines the attributes of your familiar, although, there's enough supporting evidence to theorize that the caster's aether used to form the familiar may also influence its personality/sentience. The familiar can be bent to the will of the caster, but seems to exist on its own well enough without a master if the arcanist is unable to control it.


It's brief, unfortunately, but I hope it helps! ^^;

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