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Looking to meet a Garlean character for trading

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Hello everyone!


I am currently looking to meet a Garlean rper to offer a deal icly, which I can explain oocly if needed. Not any garlean character would do, as we are talking about firearms dealing here. 


I am playing a sea pirate involved in some different plots, who plays a lot of different roles to keep her identity as safe  as possible in the city-states. In other words I play a wanted criminal and as I need to retrieve some specific garlean stuff I wanted to do things icly and see if this plot opportunity could lead me to meet new nice rpers =D Or brought even more plots opportunities, who knows!


Here's Vayne wikipage!

It has some spoilers, so if you actually want to read just one thing, read the rumors part.





Importants things you should know:

> I'm in UTC+2 time-zone and working on week days. Basically, if you can't be online before 8 PMEST the only way for me to rp with you would be on week-ends.

> I'm not an english native, I can make language mistakes and feel free to inform me if I do : )

> I'm always looking for lore coherency and information, do not hesitate to teach me a few things, I'm interested. 




Thank you for reading!

Feel free to /tell me or PM me to make our characters meet. I'll look forward to it!

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