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Hello! I've been playing FFXIV for a little over a month now and I do love this game so far. Usually I try to jump right into the rp if I can, but this time around I wanted to give the actual game a shot before getting too deep into it. Now, a little over fourteen days of play time later, I have a lvl 52 Dragoon with AST at 31, and maxed rank with the Twin Adder. I made those goals with rp in mind of course, I really wanted a room in my FC's manor and I really wanted AST, now I have them! And I am also now taking a break from leveling because that was a lot of work for someone like me, ha! And now that I'm ready to start dipping my toe into RP, I'd like to meet some people outside of my FC (which is full of awesome people but they do have their own things going on after all)! So to start, I'll do the template thinger.


My MMORPG background is pretty generic, I started on World of Warcraft and played that for a good 6 years, and off and on for the 7th, I have officially left WoW. I have also played on Rift, SWTOR and GW2, all of which I rped on and hardly do any more, though I do still love Rift and play it off and on. But I am very happy with FF so far and see myself playing this game for a good long while as it has everything I liked from the other games all mashed into one! :D


I have rped in all those games, as I mentioned, and I have taken part in a lot of varying kinds of rp and have enjoyed most, if not all, of them! So I am open and eager to talk stories! I feel like I'm fairly good at adapting to different scenarios and am flexible if one should want to meet one of my characters! 


I presently only really focus on Natsume as my main and her story, which she has a page on RPC so feel free to go check her out! I have an idea and have started working on it as well for a Elezen archer, which is nearly opposite of Nastume personality wise (because I do enjoy variety!) But nothing is overly solid just yet with her. Natsume has some ground work laid with her FC and her introduction to AST but still I have plenty of room for growth and story! 

Note: I am open to anyone interested in playing someone from her past family. If you would be interested in that or are curious, please feel free to ask! Some information can be seen in her history on her RPC page. *This is for Natsume*



I learned about the coalition through my FC, they've been super helpful and awesome when it comes to helping me out both with IC things and OOC things :D Dread is amazing. 


I see myself as being really flexible about the kind of role player I am. I can go light to heavy depending on what someone may be interested in. Though I feel it's important to note that I highly enjoy story and prefer it above all else, however, I do love some random light stuff as well! It's all flavoring for story and I highly enjoy it. 


I'm a stay at home mom of 2 so I'm on a good deal of the time. I play DnD over Skype on Sunday nights and highly enjoy a little story rp with a friend on GW2 on Tuesday afternoons. I figure I might as well add my main pet peeve, minor thing that get on my nerves; voice chat/playing other games/watching tv while rping. This isn't a deal breaker by any means but when I'm rping with someone and they take a long period of time to answer with very little (a sentence or two) because they're only partly paying attention, it bothers me. A person who can multitask WELL (<-- that's very important), and doesn't make me wait 15 mins for two sentences doesn't bother me, but if I'm going to give you my time and effort, it means a ton to me if you return the gesture. That being said, I totally get watching something or tabbing out while waiting for a post, especially if the posts are lengthy, totally makes sense! But I have found it's so much better to be upfront about what is a bit annoying at times than to let it fester and allow bad feelings to occur. I also try my best to amend any habits or things I may do that upsets my rp partner. Rp is for fun, if someone's so annoyed by something, then they're not having fun. If it's something I simply can not (or will not) change or do, then steps can be taken to meet a compromise or whatever the next step may be. Communication is very important! :D 


I can be found in game on Natsume Isuka or on tumblr HERE, so feel free to shoot me a follow! I follow back :D lol Shamless. Anyway, this ended up much longer than I intended! Thanks for reading, hope to meet more people, so far Balmung has been pretty great :3

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