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New highlander looking for friends!

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I recently fantasia'd a character of mine after her RP story ended, and am seeking new pals for my Highlander Aster Greythorne! 






Shes Ala Mhigan, a former Fist (though she was still in training) and is now a treasure hunter in Ul'dah! 35 years of age and looking for more friends to go on adventures with. I live on the west coast so Im PST and RPing on week nights is best for me, I work on weekends. Hope to meet friends for my new little lancer!

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I got a couple of toons that might be interested in her. My main, Kiera Hawkeye, always enjoys meeting highlanders from the homeland. 


My other main alt, Soaring Griffin, might be more up her alley, as Soaring dabbles in treasure hunting and just likes to fight things in general. I'm usually open round the same times you are. If you're interested, feel free to send me a PM her or in game!

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Definitely sounds like someone my alt wouldn't mind meeting ^_^. My alt is Freya Blackheart, former Fist and my main is Sharla Blackheart. I'm in game at random times these days, feel free to hit me up in game if you see me on.

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