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Out Of Your Element: A series of uncomfortable moments

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As these things are wont to do, a chat prompt came up that seemed entertaining, so let's get the whole gang in on it.


Prompt challenge: Your character is placed into a scene entirely out of their element.


*Badass Adventurers: You have been hired to purchase an exquisite outfit/make-up/jewelry/expensive bauble for a rich socialite. You, however, have no idea how to describe it, what it's made out of, or otherwise.


*You, blunt mannerless folks! You've accidentally received an all-expenses paid trip to the most lux restaurant in the land. How do you make it through a quiet, sophisticated meal while decked out in full armor and weaponry?


*Rich people! Your accounts have been implicated in an embezzling scheme. For the time being, you have no spending cash! How do you get by like a pauper for a day or three while your palatial estate is closed off to you for the investigation?


*All these and more other exciting things!


Got a prompt you want to see in this theme? Post it! To avoid this sort of thing becoming a popularity show, just jot down some general ideas for others to take up.


Everyone else, get writing out of your comfort zone.

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*Brute force bodyguard - your arcanist friend is yea close to submitting his dissertation thesis but he's severely unwell on the final day with 99% of it done. Oh noes. It's up to you to finish it for him. On the one hand, you can ask him about it, hell even be instructed on what to write. On the other hand, 'what is writing?'

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Explosives...Expert? - A devious criminal has set a dangerous time bomb, ready to explode in minutes! The only person that could save the entire city is YOU, who has absolutely no experience in anything related to explosions (aside from how to walk away from them like a badass). The real expert is currently on a shopping trip...at the other side of the world. Which wire is the right one?! Only you know...or don't. I hope you're not colorblind.


I swear this isn't related to my character at all.

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Grim and cynical sorts: You must preach a sermon to a crowd of Eorzeans recently bereaved from a beast-tribe attack, with the goal of offering them hope and succor. Something terrible will happen to all of them if they are left feeling worse than when they came to listen.


Low-fantasy, gritty characters: Go fight a high-fantasy character who won't be easily undone by dirty tricks, good ol' fashioned grit, and realistic combat techniques.

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