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Down the wrong path [Closed] [Story/Journal-ish]

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He’d managed to sneak through their security again. Found himself a uniform that fit, albeit a little snuggly in some sections. It wasn’t a soldier’s armor and he had already been considered “big” in Garlemald. But he no longer stood out. And he could walk freely through the castrum. At least mostly. There were times an occasional patrol unit would show up and ask for him to identify his legion and information. They must have been used to incompetent soldiers as even the smallest fumbling around to create an excuse seemed to pass for bells at a time. Or perhaps it was simply due to the way he spoke. Franz ensured everything he said was in as proper speech as required. He had not wanted to lose his opportunity simply for speaking out of turn.


He lasted nearly a sennight before they caught on. He must have slipped up somewhere, or had said something out of place. Or perhaps he was simply unlucky to have been trying when they decided to take inventory of the legion and each soldier’s recruitment and assignments. Of course he had none as a person who wasn’t supposed to have been there. It hadn’t taken long until someone removed his helmet and looked at him. Franz had dispelled his glamours prior to sneaking in. It didn’t help. A quick glance at the wanted posters just down one of the halls had been enough. His face had not changed much over the years since becoming a fugitive.


The words stung more than any of the attacks. “Have him killed. He will not be re-entering our country from here. Garlemald has standards.” He had gotten so close. An airship had been set to arrive in just a few more suns’ time, headed to trade supplies with Garlemald. The mined ceruleum for restocks of ammunition. But it was for naught. He was placed into a holding cell and left to be target practice for a new magitek combat unit. Some form of auto-aimed gun. How innovative.


He was unsure how much time passed. Probably another few suns. There was a dull pain in his chest and sides, and plenty of used ammunition rounds on the floor. He couldn’t blame the magitek. It followed its orders exactly as designed, likely. It had fired every round at him, but he continued to move. To breathe. To live. He had continued to be shot at until there was nothing left to fire. The guards had likely assumed him to be dead long ago, having deserted their posts. A mistake that allowed him his chance at freedom again.


Even as he moved past it, the magitek continued to click at him in attempts to fire. In the middle of the night, he made his escape back into the desert. The castrum was ill-equipped to handle attacks from the inside. As Franz had made his way out, it seemed as if the low-ranked soldiers had become more bewildered at the sight of blood and tattered clothes. He did not hesitate to do whatever was necessary to trudge past, leaving a pile of people behind him along his path. The lucky ones would wake up later, likely to be questioned about the monster that escaped their halls.


Outside once again, he did not stop running until the steel building was out of sight. Franz collapsed onto the ground, exhausted.He would sort out his feelings on the matter another time.

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  • 2 weeks later...

They’d met in a bar, however long ago. It was only fitting that she’d find him in another. Franz had no sooner started to enjoy his lunch when the hot-headed red-haired monk had stomped over to his table. She’d said things similar to “where the hells have ye been,” and others, but it only sounded like extended periods of whining. She was mad because he hadn’t visited in almost a moon. He hadn’t felt the need to write anything as well because there had been nothing of any importance. What was he going to tell her? That he’d attempted to sneak back to Garlemald and gotten caught, shot at and escaped?


But then he did.


And she didn’t like it.


Franz could hear his ears going almost numb from the yelling and complaining and possibly even worry from all of Ave’s words. It seemed as if every time he gave her a proper answer, she became more and more frustrated and upset with his actions. Eventually, he’d stormed off to go find somewhere else to have a drink. Ave had already stolen what was left in his stein.


Then for some idiotic reason, he’d drunk himself into a stupor and shown up at the door of her house. It seemed the only logical place to go at the time. Another mistake. Rather than walk down the paths that would lead to his inn room, he’d staggered around the Goblet until arriving at her ward and address. And then waited until she’d opened the door, sensing something amiss and nearly fell to her floor. But at least the ground felt cool against his head. Even there, she’d yelled at him. The same arguments. He didn’t really argue back. It was easier to lean against the walls of her house while sitting on the floor, eyes glazed over and wait for her to run out of breath. The responses he did give only made her more upset.


It wasn’t much longer that he felt himself being dragged up the stairs, around a corner and onto a bed. Had the room always looked that way? He was too intoxicated to try remembering. Even still, she yelled at him. He just wanted to sleep off the liquor. What he was wearing didn’t matter. Ave had been yelling about something, but he slipped into a hazy sleep.


He’d sleep the entire night and part of the morning away, snoring loud enough to prevent her from getting any rest.


[[insert spoilered comic strip here. Tag: caution: Highlander butt]]


She must have heard the difference in noise as he started to wake up, having pushed through the door almost immediately. He had sat up on the bed and stared groggily at her, still not quite awake and now dealing with a hangover. It would take a few more minutes of arguing before he realized he wasn’t wearing anything but his smallclothes, the rest of his outfit thrown onto a heap on the floor. The banter continued for a few more minutes until, having likely ran out of the small amount of patience she had, Ave began to storm out of the room.


He dressed quickly enough to catch sight of her, following far behind to remain unnoticed. He was angry, but in control of his actions. He knew she would end up doing something stupid if left to her own devices.


He then saw her take a swing at a Brass Blade for seemingly no reason.


Franz moved closer, blending into the crowds of people. He could hear arguing. Yelling. Weapons being drawn and what he imagined was an unconscious Blade falling to the ground. The hells was Ave doing? As he drew near enough to see the commotion, it ended. One of the Blades had called for backup over Linkpearl and a new swarm of them had run towards the commotion. Hands cuffed behind her back and legs cuffed to prevent anything more than a slight walk, Avelyn Firestone was arrested for disturbing the peace, attacking law enforcement, and resisting arrest. She’d likely have spent a number of moons inside the gaol.


But Franz had other plans.


Some simple sweet-talking, and a bag or two of gil lighter, he’d offered the less than savory Blades a deal they couldn’t resist. He knew they would find gil for “services” to be a fair trade. At least in their greedy hearts, if not on paper. They would have her released by the end of the sun, he would be a few million gil poorer.


He needed a drink. He could see one of the guards whispering over a pearl as he left, likely to complete the task Franz had bargained for. He made his way to the pub at the airship docks. Something expensive sounded nice.


As he made his way up the lift and down the hall, it seemed nearly inevitable that she was already there. In the pub. Or realistically, in his way of enjoying a drink. Without a single word or any notice towards her, he sauntered up to the barkeep and asked a simple question.


“If price was not an object, and you had just been released from a gaol, what would you drink? I’ll take the bottle and two glasses.” He knew Ave would hear him. And he knew she’d take the bait.


After what seemed like bells of arguing, the bottle was empty add she left. He continued to sit alone for some more time, having ordered a few cheaper drinks for himself. It was easier to be drunk than to continue arguing. Ave had done most of the drinking with the better bottle. Once drinking his fill, he staggered to his inn room and passed out, determined to get away from her for at least a few more suns.


Perhaps Limsa Lominsa could provide that.

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