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(Looking for home/connections) Dryce, the Broken Fang

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((Hey folks!  I've been RPing here in FFXIV since release, but have spent pretty much all of that time with one FC and I'm looking from a change, back towards my roots.  What I'm looking for is a FC that focuses almost exclusively on roleplay.  I long for the days where I can log in to the game and know almost certainly that I'm going to find someone to roleplay with and have my chance to not only show off my own character's background and depth, but to truly have the chance to learn others'.



I browsed through the various RP guild listings here, but unfortunately nothing really seems to scream out what I'm looking for.  So I figured, hell, might as well give this a shot and see if anyone has some ideas for me!



Ideally, I'm looking for a criminal/underbelly sort of FC that isn't about being evil, but about being free.  However, I'm also totally open on any group that would simply accept someone that isn't a slave to laws and rules, who is quite unorthodox in her ways.  She isn't violent without cause or evil by any stretch(actually far from it), just different.  She needs a home with people that care to know her.



If you have any suggestions of where to look or simply want to engage in some RP, hit me up here or ingame! Thanks mates!  I've also included a very, very brief write-up of Dryce's history.))





[align=center]Dryce Pearlfinder[/align]


Gender: Female

Race: Miqo'te

Origin:  Streets of Ul'dah

Age: Somewhere in her 40's

Appearance:  Looks to be in her late teens.  Her skin is a dark blue hue that appears to be flawless to a point of absolute perfection that seems unnatural.


Brief history:  Dryce is the child of a prostitute and unknown male, born on the streets of Ul'dah.  Her mother passed when she was too young to have a memory of the person that gave her life.  Dryce had been born with a number of maladies that plagued her youth, among which the near lack of sight in one eye and a terminal lung disease that made it difficult for her to be active.  She spent her entire youth as a street urchin, doing everything in her power to simply survive and thrive.  Other the years she had fallen into a street gang for protection, though this too brought her a number of consequences.


As she got older, she pushed herself harder and harder, doing whatever it took to continue clinging to life.  She learned the essential talents of thievery, deception, and disguise.  She learned how to obtain her needs and eventually, claim her wants from society itself.


Later, she stumbled upon an academy that took her in, her own thirst for knowledge bringing her success within the halls.  Later, she was brought into the fold of a relatively discrete organization that fought against the evils that lurked in the shadows of Eorzea.  She trained herself relentlessly, trying to find a way to be useful to the organization but her dwindling health acted to hamper her efforts.


During a lengthy struggle against a particular fiend bent on conquering the world for her own, Dryce was caught under the fiend's spell.  Mind controlled and manipulated, the fiend worked hard towards turning Dryce against her friends and family that she had come to know.  The fiend experimented on Dryce, altering her very physical characteristics while essentially curing her birth defects.


Much later, after the fiend had been stopped and Dryce had been saved from her fall from grace, Dryce turned more bitter and shut herself off to much of the outside world.  Over time, she has begun to find herself once more, but she still maintains her distance form others.


She continues to push forward with her life, altered as it has been to simply seek a piece of something to call her own.  A life free of the restraints that society has always seemed to hold over her.  A free spirit, free of the law, but held firmly to her morals.

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Weeeeeeell the Wayfarers of Eorzea is far from a criminal organization, but if your toon is just looking for a place where people will accept her, the fc will do just fine! It's my first FC in the game and as a new FFXIV player, I feel super comfortable here. The rpers are all super sweet ooc and really talented storytellers. I highly recommend it!

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