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How does your character envision/idealizes Halone?


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Starting this thread as a little research for a future plot I'm thinking of holding!


Here is the question. We all know about Halone, also known as the Fury, being the mover of glaciers, and goddess of war, also patron deity of Ishgard. But how does your character envision her? What other attributes they can see or idealize with Halone? Do they see or imagine any flaws in the goddess?


What or who is Halone for your character?

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Seeming I got two chars with different opinions, suppose I best post them both aye?


Virella being the Ishgardian scum she is, sees her as some divine guidance. I mean, the woman has the Fury's three spears carved in her wrist. For her unbeliever vs believer is a hot topic, as well the little blurb in the Enchiridion "All are equal beneath Her gaze" became a thing she rails onto after she had her halfbreed child. Vi still thinks her war with the Dravanians is commanded by Halone to do such, and gladly seeks to obey her. We all know that origin story is bullshit, but hey, indoctrination is hard to get rid of, even if she does start to question things. The Church however... she lost faith in them. The Fury herself? Still devout a worshipper.

Funny side effect though... Virella has a massive lack of respect for anyone who praises Nophica mainly (so yeah, she isn't too fond of a lot of Gridanians) due to Halone and her being rivals.




Avelyn just see her as the daughter of her God, Rhalgr. Whereas she respect Halone, she is far from the object of worship for Ave. War is but a part of possible destruction after all. Respect is there, and certainly keeps her mind when it comes down to prayer, although Ave's way of prayers is bloodshed. So eh. Yeah. Virella thankfully on the other hand just sits down and prays like a 'normal' person.

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