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Hello there team awesome.

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Good day folks, 


I am Starle Shadowfade, a relatively recent transfer to Balmung (yesterday). Which may be somewhat odd as I said I would do this in January.


Having started out in the world of FFXIV on the server Lich I was pleasantly surprised to encounter a relatively small, yet active. Roleplay community. Which I hosted some Roleplay events for. But unfortunately RP was still probably a bi-weekly thing at best. 


So I decided to make a new character and come over to Balmung in seek of roleplay and adventure. (And pleasantly surprised to find an excellent Market Board for flipping a profit).  


I look forward to meeting you guys in the near future and hopefully I wont fall flat on my face. :lol:







  Just a pic of my last RP event I DM'd before moving onwards.

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