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Dufresne Bellworks

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[align=center]What is The Dufresne Bellworks?



One part industrial powerhouse and one part charity, the Dufresne Bellworks operates as something akin to a Victorian Wayne Enterprises. While the majority of the Bellworks’ resources are invested in helping to develop and implement new technologies, thus helping to industrialize all of Eorzea, it uses the money earned from these enterprises for a variety of philanthropic causes, ranging from relief for Brume residents and Mhigan refugees to sending fighters to aid those too poor to hire adventurers.


The Bellworks began as a foundry in Ishgard that helped to fulfill the city’s various engineering needs. However, it has recently expanded into Ul’dah and is now seeking to extend its business to the whole of Eorzea. Although largely concerned still with Ishgardian matters, the company as a whole is beginning to meddle in the affairs of the other city states, looking to lend a hand – and land profits – wherever it can.



[align=center]Would My Character Fit in The Bellworks?[/align]


Most likely! A company of this size needs experts of all sorts in order to survive, and to this end the Bellworks is hiring just about everyone: workers to man its mines and forges, crafters to draft new designs and equipment, mages and mercenaries to undertake and interpret research expeditions, miners to find new sources of ore, couriers to run messages, diplomats to secure new contracts, and even knights and mercenary guards for protection. Whether your character is an average joe hoping to make ends meet or a magical prodigy looking to apply their brilliance, our aim is to create a unique space for your character where you can tell your story and shine.


Of course, our RP will reflect far more than just a simple day job. The Bellworks is undoubtedly involved in much more than one would assume from its outward appearance.



[align=center]Could my character join House Dufresne instead?[/align]


We get asked this question a lot, especially by people playing knights, and the answer is -- yes! While OOCly House Dufresne and the Dufresne Bellworks are the same thing, ICly House Dufresne is a bit of a separate entity. In particular, knight characters would serve the house first and foremost and would report to Lady Dufresne or to the Knight Captain, Martiallais Heuloix. Sometimes knights may be temporarily reassigned to the Bellworks in order to protect its assets, but ICly your character will most likely be carrying out knightly duties on a day-to-day basis instead, and can even take on squires or work to gain promotions.



[align=center]Why Join The Bellworks?[/align]


The Bellworks FC is run by an active and engaged team dedicated to sculpting a positive, no-nonsense RP community. We are committed to forging close ties within the FC and the Balmung community as a whole. To this end we have an officer team serving both NA and EU timeslots, as well as experienced DMs to help create exciting roleplay events. By joining the Bellworks, you will get:


A unique setting created to foster a myriad of character and story concepts: nearly any sort of good to neutral aligned character can easily find a home here.

Dynamic RP events that directly change and respond to the actions of your character. Even your RP posts and off-camera actions can help shape the outcome!

Casual RP events to help foster character bonding.

Quality and Community: The Bellworks recruits to a very high standard. Our concern is with our FC community first and foremost, and ensuring everyone has a place in it.

Diversity: The Bellworks not only recruits a dynamic range of character races, genders, sexualities, professions, and concepts, but also hosts an equally diverse range of players. Anyone and everyone can have a safe home here.

Teamwork: regular expeditions to dungeons, trials, and more! We’ll beat this game in a casually hardcore manner and look good doing it. Need crafting support? We’ve got your back there as well.

A zero-tolerance OOC drama policy.

Chat channels for both IC and OOC communication.

Free company housing and the full range of FC buffs, benefits, resources, and services.



[align=center]Recruitment Status[/align]



If you would like to join The Dufresne Bellworks, you can find more information and an application on our website: http://bellworks.enjin.com


Got a tumblr? Follow us! http://dufresne-bellworks.tumblr.com


If you have any questions or need to contact the officer team, please visit our forums or send an in game /tell to Eliane Dufresne, Gwenneth Gilrouis, Hyrtwyda Eyhafrynwyn, or Martiallais Heuloix.

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It's been a busy and exciting month for the Bellworks! You could say we're moving...full steam ahead. B)






As our family grows, we're taking time to relax between our adventures as well. And to this end we'd like to welcome our newest member, Mali Lutka! Lutka has signed on as a sapper and explosives expert...but only in the most professional of manners. We run a tight ship here, after all.





On that note, we recently finished and launched our first FC airship! This airship opens up a variety of IC possibilities for us, and we'll be using it for ample excuses to travel and adventure in the near future! Diadem trips are also in the works for those interested.





Our weekly Dragon Punch Nights continue to provide both progression and hilarity. Many of us are at last seeing content we never thought we'd see! We made our first stab at Thordan EX just last night and made incredible progress. Thank you to all the friends who have helped our nub asses out along the way! <3



There's plenty more to come in the future, of course, both IC and OOC. Plots are brewing. Oh, yes. Yes they are...

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The Bellworks is still here and a-ringing! With the Ishgard MSQ winding down, we've taken a little time to get settled and see where characters are going post-patch.


In the past month we've seen the conclusion of our "Endangered Liasons" story arc and preparations continue full speed ahead for the Grand Tournament of the Fury coming later this month!


Information on that trio of fun events be found ----> here!


We've also begun regular (IC) escorts because products and supplies don't move themselves! So far those have been conducted both to Ishgard and through the Shroud with more to come.


As if all that wasn't enough for our intrepid businessfolk heroes, there are a few story arcs beginning to take shape in the background to keep them all busy and on their toes. -dun dun dunnnn-


On a last (and lighter) note, our weekly DragonPunch nights continue to be a source of much hilarity and sometimes even a bit of loot as we try to fling our bodies at this or that in PvE as a team.


Recruitment is still open if you'd like to join in with this crazy crew (found here) and we're always open to cross-FC fun with other daring souls.


Till then, We Bell 8-)

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As mentioned by Martiallais, there are regular Bellworks caravans moving with supplies in need of delivery. With the state of things in Ishgard especially, our recent focus has been on ensuring that their medicinal coffers are bolstered with shipments of herbs from the Shroud and what we’ve been able to secure from the Alchemists’ Guild in Ul’dah. However, the Bellworks’ charity doesn’t stop at Ishgard, and it won’t be uncommon to spot a supply escort en route to wherever aid might be needed--no matter the weather, and no matter the danger!





Should you chance to spy one of our caravans on the road, feel free to flag us down! Often, our number will take its rest at a local way-stop to feed and water the chocobos (and ourselves), and so all are welcome to join us in the respite!



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Goodness, things have been busy for the Bellworks!  A little over a week ago, we had the honor of hosting a Grand Charity Ball as a follow-up to our tournament series, and we couldn't have been happier to see so many people present and enjoying themselves!




I wish I had time to take more screenshots myself, but special thanks to Jancis for getting some excellent shots!


They can be seen here!


We would also like to welcome our newest members: Malliri Veinwright, Percevains Valeroyant, and Wu'rexa Norh!


While we've two larger events behind us, our cogs won't stop turning anytime soon. Be on the lookout for our employees as we begin an earnest relief effort in Ishgard, continued supply runs out of our Coerthan and Ul'dahn offices, and at assorted public functions!

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Good day, Eorzea!  While updates have been quiet, we’re happy to say that activity within the Bellworks has been anything but!  


First and foremost, we’d like to congratulate our very own shining Knight Captain of House Dufrense--Martiallais Heuloix--on his joining the officer team!  We’d also like to extend a warm welcome to all of our new members who’ve come aboard over these last months.  We’re looking forward to what stories are written together in the time to come!







In August, the Bellworks took a bit of a breather with a much-needed company outing to the shores of La Noscea and the hospitality of Mr. Graeham Ridgefield.  We picked up some friends along the way, both expected and unexpected, so thank you all for a wonderful time!




Some weeks later, we turned our attention to the Brume of Ishgard to begin assessing structural damages in the wake of the Dragonsong War.  Knowing that any real work to the lower foundation of the city would disturb the lives of those who live there, Chief Engineer Brave Horizon began relief efforts that would provide temporary shelter, medical care, and makeshift kitchens.  We were pleased to see so many volunteers from the community arrive to erect pavilions and dish out hot meals to cold bodies!  The people thank you for it, and so does the Bellworks!


October saw a good chunk of our members flying out to Las Vegas for the 2016 Fan Festival!  It was great to meet not only one another face-to-face, but those of you from across the roleplaying community as well!  There was a slew of announcements fueling new stories and character development, and being able to talk about that hype in person was a gift.




In-game, Ser Heuloix was approached with a request to scout the frontier of Dravania, and brought a number of us along to assist.  What resulted was a weekend of impromptu hikes, killer flora, curious Vath, and sleeping beneath the stars.


Toward the end of the month, we celebrated All Saint’s Wake with a curious scavenger hunt to unravel a truly terrifying story (for entertainment, of course), and embarked on a trek through the Shroud to ensure that one of our supply routes was free of trouble--and ran into a bit of our own along the way.





Brave’s efforts in the Brume continued when she gathered a preliminary survey team to head into the inner reaches of Ishgard’s foundation, so as to pave the way for her engineers.  What the team uncovered was a solemn testament to the sweat and blood upon which the city was built--as well as a reminder of just how much farther it needs to come.


Meanwhile, everyday business and peace-of-mind was challenged by an unknown saboteur, when the Bellworks’ primary factory was attacked.  According to rumour, at least one man lost their life, and there may have been some manner of explosion…  


More recent days have seen a mining operation in Vylbrand meet with difficulty, revealing some surprising circumstances that, due to their nature, have sparked the fires of conflict between some in the Bellworks’ employ.  As we move on to Patch 3.5 and what waits beyond, we can only imagine how things may resolve themselves--or not!


- Gwen




Even as the year moves towards a close, things remain busy in the Bellworks office. Rumor has it that plans are already in motion for yet another Grand Tournament of the Fury! The specifics on the location and time are still a being negotiated but there’s still plenty of time to hone one’s aim and work on those jousting skills, as you can guarantee that with the start of the next year, those skills will be tested against others from all over Eorzea!


Speaking of the new year, as this one comes to a close, the Bellworks, like many free companies and organizations, be participating in a number charity works in addition to our usual activities so please feel free to drop off any donations of food, clothing, or other goods to the office in Thanalan or at the Dufresne manor in Ishgard.


- Mar


Until next time, we look forward to crossing paths across Eorzea.  As our frontiers expand and we take to the roads and skies beyond the reach of our company, we hope to meet whatever challenges crop up...with bells on.


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[align=center]Recruitment is once again OPEN![/align]


It's an exciting time for Eorzea.


Now on the cusp of industrialization, the city-states have the potential to prosper as never before; to meet Garlemald and Sharlayan as equals; to no longer need fear the lost horrors of Mhach and Allag. But in order to reach our potential, we need to work together -- no matter who we are and where we're from.


No effort is too small. Join us and we can help forge a brighter path for the entirety of the Eorzean Alliance.


Welcome to the Dufresne Bellworks, a charitable business based in Ishgard and operating throughout Eorzea to ring in a brighter tomorrow. If you're new here and wish to know more, here is a detailed description of who and what were are both IC and OOC.


If you're interested in applying to the Bellworks, please consider reading about the application process, and then feel free to submit an application by clicking that "Recruitment" menu button, or by following this link!

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