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Recently transferred from Leviathan after some traumatic drama just happened(Nothing to go into).


My in game name is Neon Asura, new to Balmung. I did very little roleplay on Leviathan and a lot of raiding. I'm not too fond of roleplaying, but I do find it interesting and wouldn't mind getting into it casually.


I've been playing FFXIV since November 2013 and it is my first MMORPG.

I'm mostly into the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, but as of late(thanks to Sonic Boom), it has been pretty quiet over at Sega.

I play a multitude of other video games.

And that's pretty much it. Any questions, I'll gladly answer o/

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Welcome to Balmung! If you ever need help with content; I'm sure myself, and many of my FC mates would be more than happy to poke our heads in to help! ^^


Do you watch the sonic cartoons? o:


Which is your favorite?


How did you pick your name? Why is is Neon Asura? Is there a story? ^^

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I watched the Adventure of Sonic the Hedgehog, Satam, and Sonic Underground.

AoStH is hands down my favorite. I watched the first season of Sonic X and still need to finish it.


I've had the name Neon since StarCraft came out. I was really young when I came up with the name(7 or 8?) and the name was used for a fan made Sonic character xD. I just tagged on Asura for FFXIV and now I use Neon Asura for everything.

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The old Sonic the hedgehog series?

Also thanks guys, may or may not stay in Balmung. I'm going to give it a week or two to see how things go. The economy seems low and doesn't look like theres too much incentive to raiding(Def not going to Gilga though)

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