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Host Club | Rendezvous | April Opening!

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In the Quicksand, the Drowning Wench, Carline Canopy, or the Seventh Heaven, you might see a tall, pale Raen man tacking up currant purple fliers. If you approach, he gives you a small bow and offers you a flier.


"Yes, I work for the Rendezvous Host Club. I go by Lakshmi. We have a dossier of hosts at the club, if you come, you can look over all the rest of the hosts and hostesses we have employed as well. Hosts are selected on a first come, first served basis, however, and not all hosts on the dossier are available every opening, so please think of the dossier as a sample to peruse rather than a menu from which to order.


"Upon arrival, please form a line since it is, as I said, first come, first served. Guests will be allowed in one client or group at a time after paying a 1,000 gil entry fee. We allow patrons in until all hosts have been paired with a guest or group of guests. Because we offer this personal, one-on-one service, we must close our doors once all hosts have been assigned.


"Your host will provide you with meal service. They will be your companion over the meal, providing conversation or perhaps entertainment if they are artistically inclined. In Doma we had similar services - people who were trained in the fine art of providing company and entertainment, to make patrons feel happiness and relaxation. Our hosts are also professionals who work hard to provide this high caliber of service. Please do not mistake our business for a common brothel. We are a high class establishment serving premium dining and drink, and the company of first class hosts. Please do not disrespect our hosts by touching or requesting any sort of physical attentions. Please respect the boundaries of your host and treat them as a professional.


"I assure you that no amount of time, effort, or expense was spared in creating this experience. 1,000 gil is a pittance compared to the evening you will have with us. We look forward to serving you."


The man bows to you again and resumes hanging fliers.




------------------OoC Info------------------[/align]


ZOINKS! This month kind of slipped away from me, so my sincerest apologies for posting this with so little notice! We've had things prepared on our end for a while now, but it took me a little longer to get around to posting it here. GOMEN A LOT.


But yes! We will be hosting Sunday, April 24th at 3:00 PM CST / 4:00 PM EST! The entrance fee is 1,000 gil, and will be collected at the door.


The location is Ward 8, Plot 13, (in the Goblet) and Hosts and Hostesses will be selected at a first come, first serve basis. (In other words, if the Host or Hostess you want has already been selected, then you will have to choose another, or depart until next time. The person who arrives first will get the first selection, and so on until all Hosts and Hostesses are spoken for.)


*Note: To avoid confusion, please line up on the lawn in the order of arrival when first entering the grounds.


Here is the menu that the Host Club offers!


Here is a look at the dossiers that are posted outside of the Club! (Note: Not all employees may be present on the day of the opening, depending on schedules. Feel free to ask the person at the door if a particular Host or Hostess is available, if you have a particular one in mind. Rest assured though - all of our Hosts and Hostesses have their own unique merits and advantages!)


As always, please let me know if there are any questions! Here's looking forward to another fun event! Be there or be a sad cactaur who misses Host Club! :cactuar:


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It is impossible for me to not be hype about Host Club aaaaaaaa~


Just a friendly reminder here that Quetzalcoatl is the best host you could possibly pick! I don't have any bias, I'm just stating facts, like the helpful person that I am!

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I was hired to hype this post, so I will. 




Nah, but in all seriousness it's worth hyping for SO HYPE!

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Aw, your staff looks lovely!  I am sad that I keep missing these because of being at work, maybe someday the stars will align and we will rendezvous, but until then, I wish you well and hope you get lots of business!


Thank you~! It really is a fun time, and we love the opportunity to connect with new people through this event, for sure! You'd be welcome anytime you can make it!


Warmest thanks to everyone who showed up today. Everything worked out swimmingly, and it was a fun time, as always! Our Hosts have been all plucked up for now, but we hope to catch everyone else next time! :moogle:

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