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Hello! Just wanted to drop in here and greet everyone since I just transferred onto Balmung for RP.


Suppose I'll explain a little bit about myself, I live on the west coast and have been RPing in MMO's and tabletop for about ten years now. I really enjoy immersing myself in the world I've created a character in, thus I'm doing my best to absorb all the lore I possibly can to do just that! My schedule is pretty open due to working part-time, so I've got a good amount of time to devote. 


Anywho! Just wanted to say hi and hope to meet some of you in-game! Always feel free to PM me or send a whisper to R'tefkh Mibahu and I'll be down to hang!

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Welcome welcome!

The Balmung RP community (as well as the RPC community) is super helpful and friendly. If you ever need any help with stuff, don't hesitate to ask!


Hope to see you around in-game! /o/

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Hello there, welcome to Balmung! :D Harbingers of Dawn is a good-aligned, med-heavy RP FC dedicated to protecting and aiding the citizens of Eorzea. You're welcome to check us out! You can learn more about us here and apply on our website if you're interested.

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