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Magic / sorcery found in Cults?

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So my curiosity struck me sometime ago when it came to cults in Eorzea, and the magic they use, As far as i have found there is not that much Lore on what forms of magic they employ, so i turn the question to everyone here at the RPC and hope that you all might help sate my curiosity.


The ground bottom question is, What sort of magic / Form of magic would you say you can find within various Cults that exists in the FF XIV world. Along with examples of these cults if possible.



Thank you for your time

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I believe the various cults generally use the same forms of magic that are already commonly used by other people and the player. Until shown otherwise, it's safe to say pretty much all magic by "regular people" will basically boil down to some form of arcanima, astrology, conjury, or thaumaturgy. There are specializations and corruptions we've seen, however.


The only one that comes to mind are the Lambs of Dalamud, who tend to use a mix of Thaumaturgy and void magic.

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