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Yet another Night at the Cliffs

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If you have a love for irreverent poetry and a chat scroll both dizzying and profane, wander down to the Nanawa mines with booze and fish.  Watch some Bards do their best to make utter fools of themselves!  Everyone who can get there is welcome to come, just bare in mind, there are only three outhouses and if you pass out there, you are likely to wake up an over employed salt miner.






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Why must you guys torture me and do these on days when I'm not in town and have little to no internet??? WHY I ask you???!!!


Anyway, good luck on yet another Night at the Cliffs. I hope it all goes well.


(Also, still waiting on my invite to the Bard rock linksell *Grumble Grumble*)

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Sorry. I turn it off after cabaret is over, but I usually have to run pretty much right after because I get up early for work the next day. I'm kind of just here and there otherwise. I was planning on being at the Naughty Nesting, but I have RL plans, so I can no longer be found lurking there. I won't even be at GP's Beach party because I won't be in town, otherwise I'd suggest finding me there. I'm just sporadic really.


That's ok though. We'll find each other one day :D

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I thought I'd bump this thread as it is getting a bit closer.  So here goes...




...now that I've done that, I'd like to point out that this particular Night at the Cliffs will commemorate two events:  firstly that Marcy has gotten his ass out of prison; to the dubious delight of those that know him : )    and secondly that the Nunh formerly known as P'rince has passed away.  I encourage the attendees to where purple in his memory.





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Giving this a bump, just because.


Magma is ready for the Cliffs with a generous repertoire of brazen performances, at least two costume changes, and a few choice words for the Ex-Con who had so many people wondering what the heck got into him...


Preview Pose!






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Well, now that my poor typing fingers have recovered, I'd like to thank everyone for showing up.  We had great fun with our little jam session at the Mines.  We established that Andromeda is a whole lot sexier than the rest of us, methinks Marcy took this revelation hardest.  Curious that these two, Marcy and Rommie, were the pair most likely to burn down the stage.  Marcy certainly did incinerate Savo's underwear...in the interest of public health of course.  Magma dancer didn't notice her inadvertent nip-slip but most of us did and were under no obligation to tell her.  She also was forced to reiterate that she is decidedly NOT reasonably priced.  There is some speculation that her 'wolf' costume qualifies her as a furry, but as of yet, the idea is entirely circumstantial.  


Some other salient events that occurred:

-Marcy has fleas (Savo's fault)

-Rommie...for the moment...is out of fireworks (If you sell fireworks, her address is 6-2 Lavender)

-Gwyn Trahaern has made a huge charitable deduction to her taxes for all the Ale she gave away.

-Alderique has proven himself a Pioneer in the art of being aghast.  

-Magma Dancer's act was taken as an official structural integrity appraisal of the promenade building.  

-The door handles to the outhouses have been reset to allow access to Lalafells; an adjustment considered quite urgent by more than a few Popotos.

-At least one Roe up and left after being grievously offended.

-Beile the bartender has a boyfriend, and a bleeding lower lip...these elements may be connected.

-Savo was given a chocolate cupcake, it was eaten by the Roegadyn Miner who'd been on lunchbreak since FFXIV 1.0.  (Fuck that guy...jeez).


And a whole lot else.

At any rate:  See you all Next Time!


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