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Swashbuckling Elezen seeks swashes to buckle

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[align=center](or unbuckle, ladies)[/align]





The Character:  Roelle is a rake and a scoundrel. A downward spiral in progress. A thug with a heart of gold covered by an iron fist. If she had a theme song, it would probably be this. It wasn't always that way; she used to be an upstanding citizen of Gridania, a young Wood Wailer with a strong sense of justice and full of chivalrous ideals. But seeing firsthand what it takes to keep the peace--that sometimes, to protect the greater good, you have to be worse than the criminals--stripped away that cloak of youthful naivety.


Betrayed by her lover and exiled by her comrades, Roelle set out on a doomed quest for vengeance that left her mired in the sticky, weird-smelling swamp of Ul'dah's underworld. An awkward position for a lanky law dog from the Shroud! But in the wake of Dalamud's descent, it was sink or swim, and being on top comes naturally to this scarlet-eyed sinner.


Now, she is a freelance agent billing herself as a Private Investigator. Plenty of her work is legitimate, but sometimes "investigating" someone might mean finding out how they react to being knee-capped in a dark alley as a final warning, or investigating their stash of money out of their personal vault. Finding missing persons and making missing persons are both on the table, so long as the particulars match the pay.


Roelle doesn't consider herself a bad person--who does, really?--but she has become a "the ends justify the means" person. Deep down, she still has her sense of justice and aims to see it done, one way or another. Bounty, beating, or burglary, she sees the people of her world as fair game, because you reap what you sow. She is a monster that eats monsters. She does her best to avoid jobs that directly hurt the innocent and downtrodden, though, and occasionally goes full vigilante on the most egregious offenders of that code, with or without warning.


But a girl's gotta eat, and reputation means everything for a person in Roelle's line of work. Stepping over the line has never been easier...



The Player:  I've been playing FFXIV on and off since 2.0, but as you can see by my sick anime references, I've been a dork my whole life!


I never took the time to properly join in on the big RP server, though I always meant to. I've been an avid MMO RPer ever since the Firiona Vie server back in Everquest. But somehow I always end up in non-RPing social circles. Roelle was one of a few characters I rolled up on Balmung back when all it required was logging on at 4am, and played just enough to collect the occasional event gear for glamours if "someday" ever came. Mostly, though, I raided with a tight knit group of ex-WoW-friends on a different server and just didn't have the time to devote to multiple characters (because I can't stand to not do all the crafting omg). Then, a bunch of IRL things happened to different people in my group all at once just as we were busily burning out our medium-core members in AS3, and we called it quits around the end of October.


Well now I'm back, baby, and it's Balmung time! Due to certain circumstances, I'm able to play a lot right now (like, a lot), so I'm focusing on getting levels and resources on my chosen main to better facilitate playing Barbie dress-up without hassles. I might get back into raiding eventually, but I'm mostly here for the RP this time around.


By and large, I am not a serious person at all, but when it comes to RP I go deep. I don't break character on a whim, and I try to avoid breaking the fourth wall (unless it's really really funny) if that's the kind of atmosphere you're trying to cultivate. I believe lore should be bent but not broken. I will treat your dramatic scenes with proper gravitas if my character allows it. I will not shy away from intensity or tension, nor take it personal. The way I see it, RPing is essentially collaborative writing, and not much different than being an actor in a really long and strange TV series. Some people might find the whole practice ridiculous, but I'm not one of them. I kinda feel the same way about RPing that this guy feels about Pro Wrestling.


But I'm also a when-in-Rome girl, so if you're not feeling it that night, we can run a dungeon and chat about anime and stupid youtube videos instead! :D


About the only thing I'm wary of is freeform RP combat, just because I've not had many good experiences with it. I'll do my best, if that's what you're really into, but don't expect me to keep up if your character is a hyper-ninja-commando fresh out of Xavier's School for Gifted Wizards. I roll mundane, and generally prefer to navigate that kind of conflict with guile or predetermined outcomes.


So hit me up, any time, any place. If you approach me IC, I will respond IC, even if I'm busy crafting. Don't be scared. Roelle may sound kinda mean-and-edgelordy on paper, but she's really quite affable ;D


I'm also looking for an active FC that would be a decent fit, though I could probably wiggle my way into most groups as a non-specific adventurer/mercenary/treasure hunter.

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Roelle actually sounds like someone that my Miqo'te, O'bahk Tia, would either already know or at least know the reputation of. He is a mercenary that works with the Flames every so often. 


Feel free to look me up at any time, or send me a PM here and we can set up a time that we can get some RP going on. I think they will get along either as good friends or bitter rivals, either of which could be fun! 


Typical play times for me are: After 5PM M-F (PST) or most of the day the weekend. I am also available for Skype or Discord RP, or even forums RP if those times don't work for you.


Anyway, feel free to look me up! I have been interested in meeting her since I saw your introduction post but was feeling a bit too scared to approach. :D

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I would love to have Kanako meet sometime. She it more of a Chaotic Good character though, but loves to have general good times and getting drunk on the side.


As of right now she is going through an arc were she isn't really going anywhere and staying in one place, but towards the beginning of June, she should be back around and back to her old self.


Oh and Roelle is a nice looking elezen. :thumbsup:

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Roelle sounds like sooo much fun! I would love to RP with you sometime! I have a very long character list (see my signature), but the two that get the most love are Solenne and Michaux. I think it could be a lot of fun for either of them to meet Roelle (especially Solenne, because intelligence work is something she has a lot of experience with).


It also sounds like Roelle might be a great fit for Mythril Wings. We're an active RP FC (our official RP nights are Saturday and Sunday, but to be honest, at least some of us are RPing almost every night), and our theme, if we have a theme, is that our company is a haven for anyone who doesn't have anywhere else to go. But we're also adventurers, mercenaries, and yes, even treasure hunters. Our characters get into a whole lot of trouble while ostensibly trying to do a little good in the world, but they're not exactly fine, upstanding citizens for the most part. We have a lot of mages and scholars in the company, but we recruit all sorts. A jaded, swashbuckling private investigator would probably feel right at home. Plus, more Elezen ladies please!

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Neat character! Mine is also an investigator, but is actually one for the public rather than a PI. Even still, he deals with missing persons especially if they are children or adolescents as well as sex crimes. I think our characters could easily cross paths on a case involving an aristocrat's missing kid or something. Hmm...




Here's a sample of what a plot could be like:


[NSFW] The Trail

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