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Daughter of death and fate. *Witch* (Updated)

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Ok so I'm very new to Balmung and the RP scene in general. So I have had some growing and evolving as I have spent some time in this new and challenging world. So I have spent some time learning more about the RP culture and tried to adjust some core things to improve Morgana's character as a viable RP character. So here it is....





Backstory- Grew up in the Shroud at a child. She had no parents and she mostly grew up on her own. Though she interacted quite often with the Slyphs... Though as she grew up they often referred to her as "The Dark One". Morgana's age is unknown though rumors of a Wildwood elf with black of the blackest hair with bright purple eyes have been told for quite a long time.


Present day- Morgana is a witch who refers to herself as the daughter of fate and death. She prowls the streets of the various cities luring both men and women into a place of seclusion. Once she uses her charms to distract her victims she pulls her cloaked dagger and slowly thrust's it into the victims side. The wound is not always fatal in fact its rarely fatal. She claims to let fate decide on whether a death is needed to balance out life. Feeling as if she serves some higher purpose. Whether it be from the wound or part of the magical abilites Morgana possess, once stabbed the victims become confused making it very difficult to recall the actions just before the stabbing. Its part of how Morgana has remained elusive over the years.


Morgana is seductive and cunning. And seems to hold little to no emotion what so ever.




So if your light or good aligned person or FC looking for a villian to track. Or if you would like to be stabbed and test your fate against death. I would love to talk about a few possible things. Willing to have a long drawn adventure with a FC if need be. I think it would be fun to be tracked down. I'll add my wiki later on as I finish it.

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Ah a bad witch! If you want witch RP I'm up for that. There are a few of us but it tends to never come together.


We even have a LS, though few in number.

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