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Hello fellow FF14 Rpers :D!


I am really new to the FF14 universe but not so much RP in general. I know I have already made a mistake (which I am debating about fixing right about now anyways) on my naming of character and what not. 


I have a question, perhaps not asked here but I shall do so anyways.


1. I've heard that you could be in a sense a "mutt" of sorts as a Miqo'te. I was wondering if theres any other possible lore and what that entitles?


...Also I am looking to try and do a background story for my character but unsure where to start.

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Hi there, and welcome! :)


What do you mean by a "mutt" Miqo'te? Do you mean half Sun Seeker and half Moon Keeper? Because yes, that is totally possible. Other combinations, such as Miqo'te/Hyur, also seem to be possible. There is an Elezen/Hyur biracial NPC, for instance. One thing to keep in mind if you want to play a character of mixed race (or even, in some cases, mixed clan) is that they are likely to face discrimination. But they do exist in the lore.


Edit: I had forgotten that there is a Hyur/Miqo'te NPC too. So that's definitely a thing, even though it's rare. Not that that was your question...

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Yeah I mean half Seeker and Keeper. :) I havent found any threads here actually diving into it so I was curious.


Gotcha! Here are a few threads that you mind find useful:







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Hello and welcome to Eorzea and the RPC! Solenne offered a few good links so I'll add a few of my own that you may find helpful. As far as additional Miqo'te lore, without the headcanon, I'd recommend the Race Lore Compilation which has a pretty decent sized section for Miqo'te, as well as lore on cross-racial and interclan breeding - it is canon, just frowned upon in most Eorzean cultures. Hope this helps! ^^





Eorzean Lore Starter Kit

-Racial Lore Compilation

-Class/Job Lore Compilation

-Hydaelyn Geography Lore

-Eorzean City-states' Political Structures Lore

-Eorzean Units of Time and Measurement Lore

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