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Bodyguard looking for Clients

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I role play a character that is an established bodyguard, who will take on any bodyguarding job no matter how easy or dangerous.


I am looking to make connections with anyone looking for a bodyguard that would fit the needs of their character. Establishing them as either a new client or even a long time clients depending on how you would like for it to work with your character. In my characters story he has been doing this line of work for nearly seven years.


Talon Kane is a male hyur that shows a high level of integrity and confidentiality when it comes to his work. He for the most part keeps details of his life a secret, however he does talk about his family a lot.



If you would be interested in using Talon for a story arc or for reoccurring appearances in the role of being a bodyguard, or even a contract for that matter. Please feel free to post below or PM me.

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Light or Serious.


Does not have to be combat related, it could be adventure, exploration, mystery. Or simply to join in as a plot device.


Talon is a very flexible character that can partake in pretty much an kind of scenario, light heart or dark.

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