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Minatsuki Takami

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Basic Information


  • Available Characters: Minatsuki Takami

  • Main Character: Minatsuki Takami

  • Linkshell Affiliations: Kiss • Windwalkers

  • Primary Linkshell: n/a

  • FC Affiliations: Menphina's Respite

Information Regarding RP


  • Roleplay Style & Commitment:
    Medium-Heavy RP meaning I am open to and actively seeking long-term RP partners and story-arcs however, there will be times when I am unavailable in character -- whether it be due to leveling another class or simply running dungeon roulettes with friends. These out of character bouts also include nights when I simply wish to wind down from a hellish day at work and have chosen to simply bounce around the Quicksand, reading search information. 
    My work hours are mostly day-night shifts, meaning I get home rather late for some people and this can make RPing a tad difficult. Unfortunately these hours are not going to change for quite some time, so those interested in making myself and Mina a contact must understand that nights are our friends. I will do my best to make myself available when possible, but real life has priority.


  • Combat and Injury through RP:
    When it comes to combat, Minatsuki is no fighter. You will not see her boasting about her last scuffle, razing the local taverns after a few mugs of mead or competing in the localized sporting events wherein men and woman beat one another bloody. That being said, Minatsuki is not without some training and should her life be put in danger, it will show itself.
    As far as injuries are concerned, I am quite open to them. A bit of conflict here and there is good for the soul and the development of a character. The world in which Mina lives is a dangerous one -- there are murders and psychopaths at every corner and it's bound to happen. That being said, I am the only one who gets to determine how far an injury will go and I am vehemently opposed to Mina losing a limb and/or her life as of this moment.


  • In Character Romance Hooks:
    Minatsuki has already experienced her first real love and it, like so many others, has a very tragic end. While the girl is not opposed to finding another to share her life with, she is not an easy target -- for those interested in simply acquiring someone to hold hands with and kiss, Mina isn't the one for you.
    That being said, I am very open to romance in an RP setting; however, my love of stories and chemistry between characters often overrides all other senses. If two characters are not compatible in the romance department, such is life and while it will not ruin a friendship between them (in my opinion), I simply will not commit Minatsuki to someone without there being something between the two characters.


  • Non-Romantic RP Hooks and Story Arcs:
    These are the cake and the romance is the icing -- without stories and plots and hooks related to everything outside the realm of romance and relationships, RP would get pretty boring pretty fast. And Mina is a character who loves hearing tales from people, even exaggerated, flamboyant tales that couldn't possibly be real.
    This means I, as the player and writer, are very open to story arcs and hooks that are centered around learning more about another character or an artifact. This also means I am open to conflict RP -- as stated above in the combat section.
    Family Ties are another story all together. Unfortunately for me, I have written Minatsuki's backstory to utterly demolish her blood relations; however, those who knew her family (siblings and/or parents) could still be out there in Eorzea. So yes, I am open to this type of RP and if it's something you're interested in, please contact me and we can discuss it further. 


  • The Lore of Final Fantasy 14:
    I have always been kind of a "lore-whore" in any MMO that strikes my fancy and Final Fantasy has been no different. While I still considered myself to be a new player and very new to the franchise (this is my first Final Fantasy game), I do make an effort to maintain a character that would realistically sit within the given perimeters of the realm itself. 
    That being said, I am not opposed to interacting with people who push the envelop and add a little something extra that may not coincide directly with the written guidelines, but as far as characters who exist purely outside of the realm of possibilities -- I am uncertain and even a little apprehensive; and characters who fall into this category will be dealt with on a case by case basis.



  • Chat Box Channels and Functions:
    Most of the chat box functions are used as they are intended by the game mechanics themselves however, there are always exceptions to this. Generally, channels such as /em, /say and /yell are used to interact with other people with in character actions and speech. /yell is used most often for RP events wherein Minatsuki is performing and I want to ensure that all in attendance can "see" the show -- because I don't feel it's very fun for most people when they attend an event, but happen to sit just beyond emote range. 
    As for other functions such as /shout, I am rarely in character when engaging conversations inside of them as I consider them to be more akin to a general chat. An out of character conversation to occupy the space between RP posts. Mhm. 
    Linkshells are another story altogether as they vary between groups; I am currently a part of an in character linkshell and a linkshell that is based in out of character -- used namely to acquire RP with other medium to heavy RPers. 


Getting In Touch with Me



  • Country of Origin: United States

  • Current Timezone: Central Standard

  • Contacting Me via Final Fantasy: Minatsuki Takami

  • Contacting Me via Skype: xkiraleigh

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