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Treasure Hunt help

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Hey Guys,


A couple friends of mine asked if I could come up with a new RP plot for their characters. I have a Gridanian Wood Wailer / Adventurer type and a Limsan ex-adventurer turned miner. To include them both, my first thought was Treasure Hunt. I'd like to offer more than just a 1 hour "hear of treasure, go to scary place and get treasure" deal.


I'm currently drawing a blank on deeper, more complex plots (could be the single cup of coffee I've had thus far...) besides "there's another treasure" that could last em a while and thought I'd turn to the community for additional brainstorming.


Anyone have ideas they'd like to toss out?


Thanks so much!

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Warning: I have also not had my coffee yet


Treasure hunting is a sound lure for roleplay adventures: Even the common everyman can be tempted by the potential for endless riches or fame and fortune. I'm of the opinion that the digging/spelunking/whathaveyou is the finale, though, not the actual draw. The Indiana Jones movies seldom involve going directly to the endgame!


So, I'd space it out. Assembling the map is a time-honored tradition! Perhaps it starts with someone accidentally getting the wrong dead drop. "Sir, you've dropped this unlabeled briefcase, surely it is yours," kind of thing. There's a clue or a hint as to where the next part of the map is. Maybe some rich eccentric is giving away a fragment of a fabled legendary treasure map as part of his high-stakes card game. Maybe the last person to have more of the map found himself the recipient of some very bad luck, and he insists the treasure is cursed and tries to prevent others from sniffing it out. Maybe there's another band of treasure hunters on the trail, and they have a reputation for their team members incurring "accidents" before a payday.


Once you've let your friends dangle a bit and work for the ability to go seeking treasure, then it's time to let them partake in one last crusade!

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Now that I'm three cups of coffee into the day... here are a few ideas I've had:


  • Ye Olde Cursed Item - aka Why is this Item Following Me?
  • The Hunters Become the Hunted - Someone else wants that item more, and they'll kill to get it.
  • That's Not Yours - Ooh, you found a long lost treasure of the Sultanate. Do you give it back or try to find a fence?
  • Technological Marvel? - You found a piece of mysterious, ancient technology! Is it a bomb, a flowerpot, or the key to vast riches (or certain doom)?
  • Retribution - You have successfully found and sold your Treasure to the highest bidder. Now, you hear reports of earthquakes of increasing severity happening at the location you found the treasure. There are new rumors of things creeping around in the darkness. Indeed, your grandmother's second cousin's nephew's wife's brother is supposedly missing after encountering SOMETHING a few nights ago. Is this all due to your stealing the treasure away?

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