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LF new friends and connection

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Hey all,


I play pretty often, but most times when the limited # of friends I have aren't on, I am usually found walking around cities. If anyone has played Fire Emblem (first one) on GBA, my character is based off Lloyd Reed, same mannerisms (Honorable, sticks to his beliefs and values) and to those that didn't. here's some things about my character:


He is a hired assassin, however, he will not take a job if it conflicts with his beliefs, he will not hurt anyone that is unarmed, women and children are also exluded.


He has an actual heart, and is more than welcoming of new friends, and romance since he is trying to move away from the above profession.


OOCly, I will always help someone if they need, I have been a tank main for years now and if anyone ever needs help, feel free to ask:cactuar:

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I don't have a lot of time to make long, informational post, but I'd love to RP with you sometime if our times match up.


If you would like a bit of information you can view my wiki link in my sig, but it needs a lot of additional information. Take care!

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