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Can't log into the wiki?

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Hi guys, I'm Jaybird92!  I haven't done much on here until recently, but, I've been RP-ing again so I figured I might want to try and work on my wiki page a bit.  Problem is, I can't log into the wiki to do anything.  I've double checked to make sure my account is activated and made sure that my password is correct.  Any suggestions?


*Edit: It worked this time... didn't do anything different than before, but, it's working now.

Thanks to anyone who took the time to look at this!

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Welcome to the RPC!


Looking through wiki logs, I don't see anything that should have prevented you from logging in. The wiki does share the same login credentials as the forums here, however. ...if you'd recently changed your username or password and then immediately tried to login, it may have needed a moment to sync over and check your credentials.


If you've got any questions about wikis or using wikicode or the like, feel free to ask! There are quite a few skilled people around who can help out! :>

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