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HELP WANTED: Do You Want To Be A Monster?! (Festival of the Hunt related)

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Hey all!


Have you ever wanted to show some snooty hunter how it's done? Do you dream about wark-ing and kweh-ing to your hearts content? Do you like fighting with dice and chasing people? WELL DO I HAVE A DEAL FOR YOU!!!


... So as we ramp up for the Festival and get our ducks in a row, I wanted to reach out to the community for volunteers to be apart of the Festival and RP as various monsters for it! There aren't many requirements, other than to be available to contact and go over the event rules and the like, to have an open LS slot for the event (can leave immediately after) and to have a familiarity with roll based combat and turn orders. Exceptional Monster RPers can earn cash prizes and live the rest of their life content in the knowledge they are a memorable monster! The event posting can be found HERE with details on when and where!


People with one of the mounts below leave a post if you are interested or with any questions you may have! 




  • Chocobo

  • Black Chocobo

  • Coeurl

  • Sanuwa

  • Griffin


Sign Ups:



1. Garza Redwing - Griffin!




2. Alderique Valeriant - Sanuwa!





3. Sun'ra - Coeurl!





4. Striking Lily - Chocobo!





5. Gehr'ir Ett - Griffin!


























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