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  1. :v I could throw my own conjury-inclined Dotharl at you. Though, he is a bit of a traditionalist, and is against the idea of assimilation as he feels that breeds weakness while unnecessarily erasing the Dotharl identity.
  2. ;o We can definitely plot and come up with some things regarding his criminal history. My guy does quite a bit in terms of... all of it, but specifically could have ties for the black market connections, and perhaps they could have broke into a few places together a few times.
  3. *Tardy to the party, but throws it out there that you can have darker, but not gray/blue/black Keeper skin tones*
  4. I have a (possibly silly) question. So, the Warring Triad.... They were caged and having their power siphoned to power a lot of the Allag technology right? So, if we destroy all three, won't Azys Lla fall out the sky without its power source?
  5. ;o This was fun the last time, so I'd like do it once more. I'll play a monster again. The... weird PotD head thing with the spindly fingers!
  6. I can't help but think, do we really need even more competition for already severely limited housing, when altaholic RPers and others can't help but figure that they need a house for each of their personalities? As these same people are currently plotting and planning how they want to snatch up what is likely to be limited apartments(at the expense of people who have yet to get any), because "this" alt doesn't have one, even though their main, and 1/2/3/+ of their other alts do?
  7. My in game name is Sun'ra Zhawn. Though, I will not be on until later this evening. But, I will be on the lookout for you as well, so we shall cross paths soon-ish.
  8. *Waves* Allo! I'd be interested in connecting with ya. I've got a few drug dealing plots going on and maybe we can expand that web together in addition to other devious things Also, check out the FC The Coats if you're looking for a crime based one. They're trying to grow and have a few things set up for this weekend. In game you can /tell Laplus Lavira about it.
  9. *Hugs* : ) Yay, you did the thing!
  10. =D I think this is a perfect opportunity for us to find one another in game. I play Kel'ari Dotharl, and am pondering on putting together a Dotharl Linkshell to help avoid people getting into similar situations of stagnation when playing characters from that tribe. (As there are a few of us I see running about, and I think it would be cool for us to plot and discuss and work together to build something interesting with one another.) There are plenty of ways to create and maintain interesting and vibrant interactions as a Dotharl! But, personally, I feel people unnecessarily pigeonhole the
  11. *Gigglesnort* This was fun Character Name: Sun'ra Zhawn Picture: Starting Level: 46 Intended role: Assassin/Debuffer Obtain condition: Complete Side quest [The Enemy of my Enemy is my... Frenemy?] after defeating him in three optional encounters. ---Stats --- HP: 9 Physical Strength: 10 Magical Strength: 3 Physical Defense: 7 Magical Defense: 1 Speed: 10 Total: 40 ---Abilities --- 46: Dirty Blades (Enchantment) [Laces each of his daggers with a random status-infliction(Paralysis, Poison, Sleep, Slow, Confusion, Blind) with a 25% to take effect per hit.]
  12. Fat Cat Morpho Lesser Panda Blue Bird Owlet Calca Orchestrion Tabard
  13. *Wanders in* If you have the monies, I would definitely recommend Sunday Riley's Good Genes from Sephora. It has a bit of clinical scent, but you could also just use it as a before bed thing, instead of a morning thing. But, personally I don't mind it, and it has definitely evened out my skin tone when used daily with some sunscreen.(I don't use a moisturizer because it makes my skin super oil)
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