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healer seeks a FC!

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I've been on Balmung for a good eight months now, and I've decided to move on from my old free company and try something new. My character is a Keeper nurse and a former nun of Saint Adama Landama, well versed in conjury and aetheric healing and recently discovering her Hearer abilities. She's very into helping others and is known to steal her friends away often for tea just to make sure that everyone she's close to is doing alright. She's also happily married and owns a fishbowl wineglass the size of her head.


OOCly, I'm looking for a fc with an active, present, and compassionate leadership. I'm a very heavy RPer - carefully track my char's development, keep a journal, etc - and I'd like an environment that caters to that. I'd like an fc that is smaller to mid-size and honestly values quality over quantity! I do also do PVE, though, and am willing to help in that aspect. Paramilitary organizations, organizations dedicated to research and study, or just adventurers having adventures are all fine!


Feel free to post here with what your fcs have going on, send me a PM, or /tell me in game at Adelle Lunare.


Thanks for your time!

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Hey there, Adelle! 


If you're looking for a close-knit free company that values quality over quantity, then Advent is a perfect fit. We roleplay together very frequently, we host events that welcome all sorts of friendly players, and we're always looking for new and fun people to join up with us. We roleplay as monster hunters so healers and doctors are always required after the hunts we participate in.


If you're interested in getting a good idea of how we act as a free company. You're welcome to check out our thread in the linkshell hall on this forum, or check us out on tumblr at this link:





As for leadership that is active, present, and compassionate. I'd like to believe I work extremely hard to provide the FC with content that is fun and engaging for everyone. I make the graphics for events such as posters and my girlfriend does any screen-edits for posting up on the site. We work together to make sure that the FC is presentable to everyone.

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I am looking to add the a bit. Perhaps we might be a fit for you.


About us:

*We are a good/neutral FC. Of course, if there is an arc you wish to do..that makes the character evil for a awhile, that is fine, just talk to Flynt, Roger or Ritsu on it OOCLy.

*We are roughly about 18, we hold alts as well. We like to keep that a bit limited 1, 2 at most if they are relevant. We do have alt FC's as well.

*We run two FC plot events a week. Wed/Sat 7pm est. We have our own PVE style of RP, we have been using it in our events. 

*We are pretty light during the day, mostly active in the evenings.

*We run a lot of level 50/60 dungeons ICly, as well as we will be IC airship explorations.


We also hold a server wide event time from time called "The Festival of the Hunt"


Feel free to apply at http://thewanderingtonberry.enjin.com/


I tend to go over much more info when someone applies, but feel free to ask any questions you may have.

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