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Hello and I hope the day finds you well! Let's see, I guess I should start off with a bit of history hm? Well I had been a long time WoW player, up until around some time after Cataclysm and then I branched out to try a variety of other MMO's of varying genre's. Always on the look out for fun times with or without roleplaying. My most recent forays into the MMO world would be Wildstar and FFXIV.


As for my RP experience, I have been roleplaying (at least trying) on and off for several years, I play a lot of tabletop RPG's with my friends so I have what I would believe would be a 'decent' amount of experience role playing, though because I am a little... shy around new folks I tend to not really be too forward/bold as you never know what will annoy folks 100% of the time.


At the moment, I was lucky enough to make it into Balmung and I only have one character (Female Roe) and I was hoping to mold her into a 'knight' of sorts, trying to live by some Arthurian kind of 'code', I am trying to eventually get her to be someone's personal guard or something akin to, if I can borrow this suggestion, Brienne of Tarth, though of course with somewhat different backstory and personality.


I am wanting to try my hand at medium-heavy roleplaying as I've never been in any MMO that has had be 'that' into the role given. The hardest part is trying to find a FC that is active, friendly and not too oppressive. I look forward to meeting some/all of you eventually!

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Ooh I love that type of character. An alt of mine is pretty similar but don't get to play them much anymore. Always wanted to get that guardian-in-the-party feel somewhere in this game.

A warm welcome to you! :)

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