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A Quest and My search for RP contacts

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A strange party of foreign, Elezen and Hyuran travellers has arrived in the continent of Eorzea. To all four city states and the northern most region of Dravania have they ventured in search of a single man, for whom they would pay handsomely for to any who might aid them in their quest. They keep with them only a sketch of what this man may look like...




To those who wander, to those city dwellers, to those farmers, country folk, to the miners, the tribes people, to the ship captains, sailors, and pirates, to the fisherman and merchants alike, to all I would ask this...



Have you perhaps seen such foreigners upon the open road, the vast wilderness or in your dwellings?  Do the barkeeps and tavern regulars speak of them in gossip or whispers? And do you know what it is that they seek? Will you take up this quest for reward and adventure? Perhaps.



Or perhaps you will decide to find this mysterious man for your own interest, your curiosity. Who knows. You may decide to help him.


Any and all are welcome to happen upon this quest; be it by word of mouth or by meeting this party of foreigners in person (they are NPCs of course, but contact with them could be made in the future).



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So yes, I am looking for new people to roleplay with, and I'm hoping this quest of sorts can be a fun introduction between our characters. :D 


My OC's name is Priam Silvius;




This is he; The Autumn Prince, a Wandering Bard. He is a man with youthful appearance (but don't let that fool you) who has been to many places in Eorzea and the greater world of Hydaelyn. His accent is closest to a Sharlayan's, yet it is evident that he is in fact foreign to the continent of Eorzea, Ilsabard, the Old World and even Othard. He loves poetry, and to sing, and he will proclaim himself a humble bard; should you ask him, he will not decline you a verse or a tale of old, though he may charge some a fee for a song. He carries with him a compact harp, and a flute. The few who have ever witnessed it would claim him a talented archer and fighter, if they knew who to speak of. Priam is a highly secluded wanderer, with no home but the road. Never does he stay in one place for too long.


As a request, I would appreciate etiquette when it comes to certain things in RP. For example, I understand if it's forgettable, but if your OC doesn't know my OC's name I would expect not to see it spoken (this happens a lot with Priam). Likewise with any details about him or his past, I hope you will respect that I wouldn't want anything that can't be known, known, and I will in turn respect your OC and wishes. If there are any issues I'm certain we can talk things out. C:

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