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Hypochondriac highlander healer seeks history help

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Sorry for the cheesy title. 


I've never role-played before, but I want to!


I made myself a female highlander conjurer, and I want to get rolling on a backstory. Is there anywhere interesting I could have realistically grown up besides Ala Mhigo/Ul'dah?  I'm thinking somewhere out of the way; I don't want her to be a city girl.


 I'm considering having her be brought up by a cult of creepy Eorzean hillbilly types. Since she was born with some skill at healing, maybe it fell to her to try to cure everyone who got sick/fell down the well/got scurvy/whatever-- she lost a few patients, and is now wracked with guilt/insecurities and overdiagnoses everyone to be on the safe side. 


I'm still working out how she got out of her "deliverance" scenario and came to Ul'dah, where she currently resides. I'd like opinions and ideas on how to flesh out her story in a way that makes sense.  


Thanks for your help!  And I hope I get to tell you your hangnail is definitely fatal in game soon.

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FFXIV is actually very flexible in terms of background and history; Since Eorzea's been populated for a couple hundred years by all of the playable characters (barring Au Ra) there's no reason that you have to be from a specific place just because you're playing a race. Ala Mhigo in particular saw races of all varieties inside of her borders before she fell 20~ years ago, so being from the back marshes or hillbilly woods isn't that far fetched.

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Highlanders are all over Eorzea, so if you want her to be non-Ala Mhigan, that's totally fine. If you still want to have Ala Mhigan heritage, you could perhaps, especially with the conjurer background, make a child of refugees who landed up in the Shroud?


Either way, you don't have to be Ala Mhigan or Ul'dahn to be a highlander :) Limsa and the Shroud got tons of Highlanders as well. Hells, going for a pirate like background might work as well! Or for her parents at least. You can really do whatever.

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