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Flower pots!

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For whatever reasons I love these things. I have 13 spread out among houses/alts. I /think/ I have figured out colors except for the Rainbow Oldroses. I should have wrote down what I was using/doing to what. I am now! So experimenting to see how to make Rainbow! So far I have gotten red, purple, green, and black.


I currently have two as  "Might come out an usual shade." but I am thinking that might just be white/black. Which if I have to guess was Green flower + Red gives you a chance at either white or black.


Today I am mostly using shroud grade 2. But Not really sure if grade/location effects.

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Currently, I only have one flower pot growing a flower in it, just to see how things go. When I went to check it, it said that the flower might grow to be a red one. If this one goes well and I actually like the way it looks, I may consider buying more pots and vases to put them in.

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Yeah, it sounds like you are going to get Red.


Someone was nice enough to link me a website on gardening. Seems like if you do one red, blue and yellow - you get a chance at white, black or rainbow. But, seems they aren't 100% sure. Pretty sure at least for black/white. You want your flower to be green then add red.


Pretty sure location/grade doesn't make a difference. I have used a few different kind so far. Which would make since since sort/grade effected yield and HQ.


I hope they add more colors like pastels! Or maybe a item that makes them pastel. And more recipes. I would love it!

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