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Character themes

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Lol I know this is an old subject brought up on numerous boards, but what do you think your main characters (or all of them!) would have as their theme song?


Soul's Lament by Phillip Wesley -  https://youtu.be/8LGmlE69TAg


and more to come!

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Alright another one of these threads! :thumbsup:


Let's see here... My main character (Azrael/Chip) has a bunch of themes but the one that I think fits him best would be this one:



...as for my other characters, well, this one is fitting for Asher!



And I absolutely adore this one for Sorrel:



That be all! -scuttles out- :cactuar:

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Lol good choices, Chet! Here's another amazing piece for when Scaith is wandering the Coerthas highlands or usually the tune he hears in his mind when surrounded by crowds...



The decent by Michelle McLaughlin

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Oooh! Interesting enough I've heard of both of those composers before. Great music choices! Here's an old favorite of mine that I use for certain RP scenes for as long as I can remember xD



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I actually have an entire playlist dedicated to Raeje's character development so picking one is insanely difficult. However, to stick with her performance background...




Because she still misses her family, and hides her inner sorrow from everyone.

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