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Unlikable, Unsociable Sourpuss Looking to Fulfill Guardian/Assistant Position

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Despite RPing a character who at first glance (and second, third, and probably fifteenth) is little more than misanthropic pillock, I've managed to meet a swell number of folks on our fair server.  Before coming to Final Fantasy XIV, I was far more accustomed to playing friendly, charming, and handsome types (like myself), so Rinda'li Shalo was something of an experiment for me at first, one I'd like to think has turned out quite well.


[align=justify]That being said, it can be a challenge ingratiating one's self with a wider crowd when your character's personality demands he actively avoid associating with strangers.  One way to overcome such a hurdle, in my experience, is to have a hook with a more gregarious and/or well-connected individual.  Perhaps that will be one of you lucky (*cough*) inquirers.


What's a Rinda'li, and why should I care?




To answer the latter half of that question first, you probably shouldn't.  For the former, Rinda'li is a Keeper of the Moon of a particularly dour feline temperament. His upbringing is a topic he prefers not to speak of (on the infrequent occasions he chooses to speak at all), but a few things can be ascertained about the skittish fellow in little time.  He's a wary, alert Miqo'te, ears constantly on the swivel, quick to find offense in even the most innocuous of observations and even quicker to hiss or flash a fang in reply.  He prefers to lurk unnoticed to the side of any gathering he's forced to attend, where he can spare others his short temper and distinct lack of social graces.


In the relatively brief time he's spent in the more civilized areas of Eorzea, Rinda'li has been employed as a less-than-successful pit fighter (the crowds keen to see what awful injury the scrappy, green-tailed Miqo'te would weather), a guard for a well-regarded establishment, and most recently, a forge hand in the Limsa smelting pits, hammering out iron plates for the navy's warships.  Having been let go for too many missed shifts due to personal matters, the Keeper finds himself without work.


Rinda'li does not come across as the world's most competent guardian or companion, even disregarding his antisocial tendencies.  Though possessing a mean demeanor evident to anyone in the same room as the Miqo'te, few would consider him truly menacing or intimidating.  At best he is an adequate, if unremarkable, martial artist, limited both in physical strength and discipline, and despite a hyper-aggressive reaction to provocation, he would much rather avoid conflict then engage in it, regardless of how much fang he shows.  And yet, perhaps his inability to gracefully take criticism drives him to do his best (which isn't always saying much) in whatever task he's charged with.


What I want, and what I can offer.




In simplest terms I'm looking to make a regular and reliable contact(s) for RP, preferably one that, at least at the start, doesn't mind taking the reins.  As a guardian, I'm frequently more than happy to stand to the side and look grumpy while the bulk of the RP takes place between you and whoever you're interacting with, only interjecting when expected or asked to.  A person who enjoys, or at least tolerates, a deal of conflict is also appreciated, as Rinda'li is not the easiest of individuals to get along with (have I alluded to that?).  Otherwise, I'm not particularly choosy about what sort of person might make use of his services, though someone of an adventuring mindset or of social prominence and/or presence is certainly a plus.  That may have seemed like a fairly demanding list, but it is by no means an ultimatum; if you're interested, then don't be shy. 


I am by no means looking to be spoon-fed RP and lead around by the nose from one event to the next, but Rinda'li does not trust easily, nor is he quick to open up.  He is, however, a character several years in the making, and I have a wealth of stories and plots that, eventually, I am keen to share and have others involved in.


How to find me (like the loathsome creepers you are).




  • In game.  I log in fairly frequently, and when I am, I will always be on Rinda'li Shalo.
  • Reply to this thread.  I'll want to talk more in-depth elsewhere, but don't be hesitant to give a poke.
  • Steam.  I am rarely out of contact with it, and is probably the most immediate way to get a hold of me.  Search for 'Rindali', it might have a weird suffix or prefix to go with it, but it should be the only option available. 

Thanks for your time; I'll do my best to reply to any interested parties in good time.  Don't be afraid to give me a holler if you simply have a question as well.[/align]

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That looks super interesting actually!


I'm a bit sad that I don't really see my character needing a bodyguard or with any bodyguard hooks (or maybe but uhh.. Why), but I'm interested. 


I also like confrontational characters or situations. Modest 3 dimensional everyday characters and all! I'm up for it.

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