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Break out your Berserkers, it's Four Job Fiesta time!

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More info at : http://www.fourjobfiesta.com


Essentially, you play FF5 with a self imposed challenge of only using 4 jobs, randomly assigned by the Gilgabot.


My personal run was started to figure out what class I'm gonna level on Kell next, and, uh, the only two classes I got that are in XIV are already 60 (MNK and BRD). I'm only doing a regular run, but others are doing much more bizarre (#chaos, #upgrade and, in honor of Everhate who did quadzerkers last year, #blame) runs. (For the record, I got MNK/RDM/BRD/??? so honestly I'd say this run is gonna be pretty damned free.)


People are streaming it, people are playing it. Yay for the first time a job system allowed you to use stuff from other jobs.

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Oooh I didn't even think to look for a RPC thread on this!


Chaos Mode is my jam, but maybe it shouldn't be, cause...


Berserker / Berserker / Summoner / Samurai

This is... a very boring team.


Last year I had

Berserker / Berserker / Summoner / Ranger

and that was really *miles* more interesting.


Like, Samurai is great. I never realized just how ridiculously strong Gil Toss is- and it's difficult not to just press it in every fight and obliterate everything. Even though I have Summoner, whose jobe is to press a button and nuke everything. And it's so strong it's even good for saying goodbye to bosses! But it's not the most interesting job to play around with. I miss !Animals


But hey, I'm already in Act 2, maybe I'll not only complete this run, but have the gumption to do another one! And maybe I won't get two berserkers! ha ha ha laughter

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