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  1. It's hard to say; I think it depends if it's open to everyone and on the concept. Some players may not do much forum RP, either, while others like it. I'd say give it a few days at least, though!
  2. How do you mean? Like, for RP FCs to get members or for people to reply into an RP thread on the forums?
  3. Yeesh! That's a heck of a problem. Glad he got it solved though!
  4. Aw yeah. My weekends should be clearer so hopefully I'll be able to catch you on soon! I've been meaning to for awhile, but things got a bit busy.
  5. If it's an ISP problem, he might try making a VPN; I can't say for sure if that'd work, but that sounds dire enough to try. Not sure how it's done, precisely.
  6. Eheheh...heh. It'll be fun! i might sometimes be around earlier in the day, mostly depending on RL and stuff.
  7. You will! She's the cook. I'd been kinda busy for awhile. D:
  8. Everyone should come. Yes, you! Our menu is rockin'.
  9. Memeroon's best products are grimaces and regrets.
  10. Huzzah! Thank you for running this and congratulations to the winners!
  11. Welcome to the RPC! I've got an ex-assassin from Ul'dah, who could meet her sometime. Your character looks awesome! Also, all reports say the Grindstone is a fun time. (I'm gonna try to make it in a couple weeks!)
  12. I'd love to see a spell fencer type thing! I'd eat that up. What about a Chemist class as a healer? Could be cool. And yeah, I hear you. No more bars, I hope.
  13. It's definitely a thing! There's a few tricks I can do -- the crossbars and careful placement of what abilities are where -- but at a point, I can get really slow. I used to main DRG, and I had... I think three crossbars' worth, and I had to have all the off-GCD ones on both as I swapped between the two main combos. Ninja is a little easier.
  14. I hit 50 recently, and with everything, had some stuff for Ironworks gear! I love Ironworks gear.
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