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Returning Player needs friends! Where is the RP here?


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So currently I play Black Desert Online mostly however I've been missing some of the things in FFXIV and decided to come back to play here as well. I never much got into roleplay because to be honest I don't have many friends who play/or still play the game here. And re-learning everything is going to be a pain!  :blush: So hopefully you can help me figure some things out like, where does most RP go on in Balmung? Are walk-ups usually welcomed? And where might I find some roleplayers that are out and about? I have a fiery spunky sarcastic elezen named Kaluka Lavurelle and a shy bashful Hellsguard Roe named Violet Snow. I'm also looking to join an active FC or linkshell if available. Thank you! :bouncy:

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Well, I can't answer most of your questions, simply because I'm new here and still learning those things myself.  One thing I can tell you is that I've gotten a handful of walk-up RP because I walk.


There's something about walking that hangs a sign on you that says "Hey, I RP!"...and I tend to get a little walk-up RP pretty regularly.  I tend to even get emoted greetings from folks that don't RP...not sure on that one, but it's still cool.


As far as RP goes, if you see Eroll on, feel free to holler, I can always use more RP friends!

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The Quicksand is kind of the hub for that. I would def recommend checking out the event page here. Tons of different kinds. If you like physical combat - Grindstone, magical combat - Runestone. Tons of tavern events, some school/class events. Take your pick!


Most people but a little snipet in their info. You can always check that, most say - Walk up welcome, or if they rp and what not.


What kind of FC were you looking for?

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