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Cat of Fortune

Miss Gaz

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We are a rp fc that once we have a house will be opening a cafe, The Black Cat of Fortune. We are all friendly folk who want to help you ease into rp as well as game content. Someone is almost always around in game or discord to field questions you might have, so please contact one of our officers in game or here.


Xha'to Lyehga

Asah Y'Lyhega

Miziutte Zuiremand

Amandine Gerraldieux

Ryosei Yumitori

Mathis Iseterre

Kasumi Yumitori

Okhi Lyehga

Mikiri Kikiri

Y'lanah Hara

Nevahe Carmine

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With all the support so far we have raised 11 million gil for the FC house thank you all. Also we will be hosting an auction in the coming weeks so be on the look out.

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