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Nara Scribbles 'n STUFF ~ Slots open!

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Hellooooo people of Eorzea! At much insistence of a dear unmentionable dapper fellow...I'm Nara and I do arty farty things, including commissions and art trades.


Please bear in mind that I do moderately NSFW art from time to time, (before you click any links!) usually just artistic nudes but sometimes slightly erotic stuff. Just in case, you know, boobs and butts give you a seizure or something, or get you in trouble. I don't have much in the way of FF art right now but well, that should change soon. (Already in love with zis game)


Website ~ Tumblr


Please shoot me an email if you're interested at: [email protected]



..And stay coooool. 8-)




...As cool as a guy with a birb on his noggin.

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Haha yeah..okay well that one's not so much a scribble. :P


Sorry I haven't bumped this lately, I've had a lot on my plate family-wise and some generally stressful stuff happening. Nevertheless, here is a Momo. Thank you ever so much for the handful of minions, I have spent much time being entertained by schlorpy pocket pudding and tiny mummies! <3



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Seriously TvT this came at a really good time! Thank you so much for this piece, it means a lot for an artist to do this kind of thing out of the kindness of their heart, and believe I know even a scribble is priceless no matter how much you pay for it.



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I am glad you like it uwu; I haven't drawn a potato face before so this was a good learning exersize as well haha.


*Wiggles with excitement*






Can you tell I really like drawing Au Ra?


Tis moi fran, Kel'ari. <3

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Okay so I've been kinda almost dead for a bit, since some home life stuff happened that's kind of scrambled things, but I've also been busily buzzing at my tablet (haha I got stung by a bee this week and I've never been stung before so it was a unique experience)


Anyway here's a commission for the lovely LystAP of his Au Ra. (Open in new tab, tis large.)




I still have a couple of open slots if anyone's interested in commissioning me, - not limited to au ra - and depending on how much free time I have next week/general interest I may offer some painted busts for as little as $15 or something.


*Thumbs up* Stay beautiful!

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Okay! So a little while ago I offered up some free busts n stuff to people, and thanks to my life regularly being derailed, here they finally are. I tried using different programs and brushes and stuff so they're not really the same.


Nahare ~ Chachan ~ Delial ~ Nailah



200x200http://i.imgur.com/s9v8YFW.png[/img] 200x200http://i.imgur.com/3ftCfIU.png[/img]



You can right click and open in new tabs so they are a better size and such. Thank you for allowing me to dooble your people! I may do this more in the future as I really...really need to try to at least scribble one thing a day and lately I just haven't been doing that at all. Stress is a bugger. u_u


Here are also some stupid dorks that are mine. Well, mostly my catgirl, I guess. :I




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